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The code to decrypting the work, therefore, lies in the understanding of how, as Tolstoy puts it, “images, actions and situations” (Gustafson 281) work in collaboration with the overall plot. . There is no such representative for the eastern image but the shortly considered peasants who Levin mows with. From Tolstoy's scheme of Levin's salvation, we must conclude that women are secondary and not individuated. Both in Anna Karenina and in We, the couples are imperfect because they do not follow the expectations of that society. This shows Anna’s extreme commitment to Vronsky after they have sex for the first time. k

His repeatedly laments “How awful!”, and “Anna, if you had seen it!”, implying the horrendous nature of the deformed corpse. Levin cannot understand why the Russian peasants do not commit themselves entirely to the well-being of the farm — why some men could be so careless as to handle equipment so that it breaks, or why they would defy orders and harvest a field easier to finish than the one they were directed to harvest. The idea of seeing a widely loved, magnificent woman go from the envy of St. Petersburg to the deranged, self-obsessed person that made the rash decision to jump underneath a train to get revenge on her husband sounds like a crazy thought. One of the most famous sentences in literary history opens Anna Karenina. It does not matter to them exactly how much work is accomplished. 10. He knows that estrangement is the ideal, yet he cannot help his feelings for I-330, making them toxic.

Levin’s changing patterns of assumption, projection, and understanding convey to the reader the foundations for the character arc that will result in his religious conversion. Kasyan, the focus of the other story, is a quiet wandering peasant. This is the best experience of my life.

Nothing more than the barest existence is given to Lukeria, “I sense that I’m alive, I breathe – and that’s all there is of me” (359), and yet, her life seems to be filled with nothing but beauty. There is a “bitter frost”, and a man has been “crushed” by the moving train. Mowing one time, or even several times, can only provide temporary relief from emotional ailments. The group of people who work for IQEssay is not just employees. Not only is the railway and the city of St. Petersburg one of the repetitive symbols in Anna Karenina, it is of special significance in the symbolism of the guard’s death. (338). He prefigures this later doctrine as the love between Anna and Vronsky deteriorates and by the lighthearted intrusion of Vassenka Veslovsky. Below you will find four outstanding thesis statements / paper topics for “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy can be used as essay starters. Anna Karenina. The “inner spirit” Gustafson speaks of, that resides in the novel, is one that is forcefully alive within the station scene in chapter xviii, part I.

They must, like Levin, overcome the crisis, compromise through stagnation, like Karenin and Vronsky, or succumb through death, like Anna.

Anna Karenina, on a much more intimate level, illustrates the forces which allow individuals to confront challenges. . The titles of ‘healer’ and ‘holy man’ have been bestowed upon Kasyan. . If one followed the social standards, he or she would not feel guilty. Lukeria is not only able to do without words and people, she consciously rejects these things.Kasyan is a ‘roaming sheep’ and clearly does not look for either people or conversation. The birth and death scenes are pivotal not just in terms of plot progression, but also because they provoke expansions to the protagonist’s mind. Constantine Levin’s pair of pivotal experiences contribute significantly to Anna Karenina’s psychological tapestry because these moments of crisis draw out and highlight the subjectivity of the protagonist’s life experience. In Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy, the scene in which Anna nearly dies in labor acts as a turning point for her mental health, eventually leading to her untimely demise. Truly it’s better, truly it is!” (361). | It can only turn him into a peasant. They reach this point without more than a few meaningless words passed between them.

Levin is ultimately thwarted in his attempts to relate others’ perspectives to his own. Throughout the later parts of the novel, there is a noticeable decline in Anna’s mental health, leading her to her untimely death. He only comes to peace with his consciousness of that impossible dream on the last page of the novel, when he learns to express it religiously: “there will still be a wall between my soul’s holy of holies and other people .

The salient elements of the narratives established in Anna Karenina and The Awakening are identified and placed in the context of the thesis established above. While Lukeria is given no such titles her physical description mark her as practically an idol herself.

Having put your hand to the plough, don’t turn back!,” suggesting a rejection of the idea of mowing for one’s health or for a game.

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The stationmaster too ran by in his extraordinary coloured cap. Contrary to her plan, Anna miraculously lives, and resorts back to her previous risqué relationship with Vronsky, much to society’s gossiping pleasure. Levin objects to these arguments and offers a different point of view. Depicting the gossiping members of Anna's social set with pitiless irony as they glory in the scandal, Tolstoy chastises these human judges. The violently divisive nature of her love clearly stands out as a dominating feature, and is heavily reflected in the death of the crushed guard. . Luckily her condition does not require another persons care or time, but she is clearly not able to do anything for anyone else. Anna has died before her death.

Tolstoy is aware of the relationship between mental thought and physical action; he expresses his understanding of body language as a form of communication through his descriptions of Anna’s shoulders. By dining with the old man and the other peasants, especially by actually eating the old man’s food, Levin obliterates the uncomfortable distance of class or status between himself and the others. | The physical reality of “folded linen” and other atmospheric improvements is enough to give the dying man who “lay between clean sheets in a clean shirt” a “new look of hope” (450). This is what I really needed. Our service consists of a group of experts in the field of academic writing, editing, and proofreading.

Since a woman's happiness derives from her family, then the wife of a soul satisfied husband will find emotional satisfaction.

Examine the narrator’s description of Vronsky’s choice to pull Anna away from her husband: “The role of a man who attached himself to a married woman and devoted his life to involving her in adultery at all costs, has something beautiful and grand about it…” Remember that narrators don’t always reflect the thoughts or ideas of the author.

The minor themes, as well as the major ones, all stem from Tolstoy's single-minded morality. In Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy, the scene where Anna nearly dies in labor causes a sharp decline in her mental health, eventually leading to her untimely death.

In Part VI, shortly after Anna has recovered from her near-death experience, Vronsky realizes, “She was completely different now from what she had been when he saw her first.

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