class action lawsuit kitchenaid ovens

It’s as easy as Step 1, engage the self cleaning feature Done. Will contact the store where I bought the oven and Kitchen Aid to see if they are more receptive to replacing the oven. The suit was filed by Reginald and Joann Whitley on behalf of all those “who purchased any Whirlpool or KitchenAid Built-in Single, Double, or Combo wall oven equipped with a High Temp Self-Cleaning Cycle.” I have had over 30 service calls and you would think the warranty company would have replaced it under the lemon clause, but no. I think the stove should be replaced. This problem with this make/model oven has been ongoing since 2006 according to the complaints on this web site. Sulphur of Tappen, BC Jan. 26, 2010 The top drawer facing actually came off the disher washer.every time i opened the drawer. We tell you about cash you can claim every week! Each time I tried to clean the oven and the oven quits. Ice maker is loud. 4 repairs later, resulting in 7 visits, on the self cleaning ovens and today Im waiting for additional new parts, and the lower oven does not work.

I know this might be an extreme long shot, but enough complaints to the Consumer Products Safety Division might nudge KA if the CPSD gets involved.

What I disagree with is the notion that you should just roll over and let KA screw you. Well, Kitchenaid sends out repairmen alright, but the problem can not be fixed.

Whirlpool, who owns the KitchenAid brand, said they stand by their appliances, and anyone with questions or concerns is encouraged to reach out to them. And of course, this is after our warranty has expired.

WHAT CAN YOU CLAIM Ovens are useless, the circut board is out, and the ovens will not work. My oven is 9 years old and I used the self cleaning cycle for the first time. The supervisor informed me that “we repair we don’t replace. All right reserved. I just paid a repairman to come out and fix our top oven door at the cost of 250.00. It has never opened again! I contacted the repair service contracted to Sears and they set up a service appointment on Dec 22. Jeffrey of Warrington, PA April 14, 2010, My Kitchenaid oven (model KEBS107SSS02) also quit working after running the self cleaning cycle. This is unpredictable, but it always occurs when baking something for over an hour. Bought a Whirlpool 27″ wall oven on 8/1/2013. Replaced it, we held off on self cleaning until last night, then same thing. Has anyone been able to join the lawsuit? When I contacted Kitchenaid, they acknowledged that this defect has been recognized and repaired, but that my model and serial number do not fall within the recognized group of defective products. I am dealing with the same issues, no resolve or accountability from Kitchen Aid, do you have any information on how to join a class action lawsuit? After having my first double wall oven replaced by kitchen aid, I no longer use the self cleaning feature.

Upon researching this issue it has become apparent it has been a design flaw for many years and Kitchenaid should have warned of this potential problem. DANZE FAUCETS requires you to send back products, at your expense. When I attempted to use both ovens cooking Thankgiving dinner we were driven out of the kitchen. Easy, right?! It turned out that the thermometer was faulty. Since that time, I spoke to a supervisor at Whirlpool. There were no lights, and the door was locked. then when you needed them, they wouldn’t work–or as the saying goes, “If you don’t use it—-“.) Both Metro Appliances and Kitchen aid have sent out techs. Learn more about the cookies we use. So much for help from them. I will call Kitchenaid tomorrow to see if we have any options. I have a kitchenaid self cleaning oven and this just happened to me this weekend. We are advised the thermal fuse blew out due to the high temperatures during the cleaning cycle.

Nancy of new york, NY April 2, 2010. I have a single wall oven built by Kitchen Aid, model KEBK171SS, bought Feb 2013. Now I'm having a problem with the oven control panel, the start button won't work so i am without an oven.

If we cant get into the class action & get some resolution, we will NEVER buy another item from Whirlpool & hope that we can notify as many people as possible to absolve themselves of such a poor company that cares ONLY about getting money from customers & NOT their continued satisfaction with their product. ,
As a result, ovens often cannot command themselves to unlock after completing a cleaning cycle. Each time I have tried the convection, broil, or self cleaning option in my Kitchenaid Architect gas stove the gas valve needed to be replaced. Placeholders.enable(); Never will I buy a Whirlpool again, Crooks. l time the glass in the door cracked and had to

I emailed KitchenAid and have had no response. Now my oven will not heat up. Why is this not the case with an appliance? They have repaired the same problem on the following dates: 3/25/2009; 6/17/2009; 7/15/2009; 9/19/2009; 12/28/2009; 1/13/2010 and they came again on 2/25/2010 telling me that they will replace the hinges once again. I am very interested in knowing how to join a class action lawsuit. We live in NC so we are not part of the class action suit, but want to point out that problem is wide spread. One night we ran the self cleaning and after 1.5 hours the glass door blew into small pieces.

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