colnago g3x test

Do you like having fun on the dirt roads? Perhaps it is this third iteration that accounts for the 3 in the G3-X’s name. Then came the Prestige GRV, a gravel orientated build with cross roots. First there was the Prestige, a World Cup winning cyclocross bike. The bike feels very comfortable and smooth - almost like my older … Colnago does a terrible job marketing this bike - it is way nicer in person than it looks online. Is this the world’s first full suspension gravel bike.

Colnago has launched a brand new gravel bike called the G3x. Die Ausstattung ist hochwertig, vom unten ausgestellten Deda-Lenker über den bequemen Prologo-Sattel bis zur gravel-spezifischen Shimano-GRX-810-Gruppe.

Description of Colnago G3X DISC GRX 810 Gravelbike - 2020 - G3GR . It uses hidden seat wedge design that appears identical to that of the V3Rs, but adds rubbery protection to the driveside chainstay and the vulnerable lower portion of the down tube and bottom bracket shell. If you are interested in the G3-X, send us an email at and we will be happy to talk with you about any questions, customizations, or comments you might have. Der Carbon-Rahmen bietet die Möglichkeit, vier Flaschenhalter anzubringen. Both these measures increase the bike’s stability through lowering center of gravity and extending the wheelbase.

For this reason, it has an optimised geometry for larger cross … Mission offroad: Pedal-PowerMeter von SRM zu gewinnen. Alle Informationen zur Verlosung. The complete GRX equipped bike pictured here costing £4299.95. The G3-X also employs Colnago’s Threadfit BB82.5 bottom bracket standard, which is used in other high-end Colnago models such as the V3-RS and C64.

Ösen für Schutzbleche oder einen Gepäckträger fehlen jedoch. They increase road dampening which leads to greater comfort, and better handling.

Mit einem Zeitfahr-Anzug kann man wertvolle Watt sparen. By entering your details, you are agreeing to BikeRadar terms and conditions. Don't miss out on MBUK – get your next 3 issues for just £5, Get the next 3 issues of the UK's number one cycling magazine for just £5. Wir haben den Velotec Dynamic Speedsuit über Monate hinweg getestet. Coronavirus and cycling: what are the new rules for exercising? It’s designed to take a correspondingly shorter stem, with Colnago estimating that riders will typically run one around 10 to 20mm shorter than they would on a road bike. The steeper rake angle makes the bike more agile and twitchy. Or it mirrors the V3-R’s letter-number-letter naming. Of course, at the end of the day, Colnago has consistently built amazing handling and feeling bikes and we expect the G3-X to be nothing but spectacular. Colnago is an Italian company founded by Ernesto Colnago in 1954. Since 1954, the Colnago bicycles have accompanied the best athletes and all cycling enthusiasts along each route in Italy and the world. Der Rahmen ist sehr steif und hochwertig, die Fahrperformance gut – der Preis ist eine Ansage. Carbon is not all the same. Gravel und Marathon: 32 Räder im Vergleichstest.

Even the top tube, although obscured by the monochromatic paint, copies the V3-RS’ undercut design which fades from the headtube towards the seatpost. It does contrast with the Prestige cyclocross bike, however, which gets a drop of 68mm across all sizes. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. It looks like there are also bosses on the top tube for bento box style accessories and an extra set of cage bosses on the down tube.

The longer reach and shorter headtube place emphasis on aerodynamics and a lower position.

Diese liegen in den sehr ausgeglichenen Fahreigenschaften, der Steifigkeit und der großen Agilität. Das SRM X-Power ist das erste marktreife SPD-Pedal mit Powermessung.

This is the right bike for you! Die Faszination Gravel kompakt in einer Sonderausgabe: Gravelräder, Allwettertrikots und Offroad-Pedale im Test, dazu packende Reportagen – jetzt das Gravel Spezial des RennRad-Magazins bestellen! The G3x follows industry trends by going slightly longer than its road counterpart for a reach of 390mm on a 52s, 6mm more than V3Rs. Both monocoque carbon frames share similar shapes. It has a lower bottom bracket, longer chainstays to stretch the …

Preis. You can unsubscribe at any time. While I only have an hour on it so far, it exceeded expectations.

Perhaps it is this third iteration that accounts for the 3 in the G3-X’s name. Hier gibt es alle Inhalte in der Übersicht – und die Ausgabe jetzt im Handel. With what we use to build our frames, …

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