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It's a short introduction to the new line of Walt Disney's Legacy Collection discs, as well as what's featured on the following discs. Perri Disney's first "True-Life Fantasy," this live-action film tells the story of a little Pine Squirrel named Perri and her life in the forest from childhood to maturity. These films give an awe-inspiring look at the wonders of our world, and the implacable impassiveness of nature and her laws. Upon hearing this (and Walt had had trouble with RKO before), Walt instructed his brother, Roy (who was the financial genius behind the Disney studio) to rent out a theatre in Pasedena to make sure the short qualified for Oscar consideration. The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men, Greyfriars Bobby: The True Story of a Dog. Walt Disney's distributor at the time, RKO Studios, initially rejected the idea of showing Seal Island.

Walt put James Algar, one of Disney's top animators and directors, in charge of the new True-Life Adventures unit, and secured the services of Winston Hibler to co-write and narrate the new short.

Original Theatrical TrailersOriginal theatrical trailers are included for Perri and aSecrets of Life. When Perri’s life is threatened by a marten, her father sacrifices his life to lure it away from Perri’s nest. I certainly remember being in awe of the views of nature on display in the True-Life Adventures; watching them today, there are still sequences that are astounding to behold (the wolverine/osprey battle in White Wilderness). Speaking with Roy Disney, I learned that much of the location footage that came to the studio was already subject to dirt and scratches because of the primitive conditions in which they were shot.

Underneath the green felt holder is a "passport" which is a two-page folded map, which indicates where in the world each short was filmed. PerriAn unjustly neglected feature from Disney, Perri was the first and only True-Life Fantasy, which had a script written first before shooting was attempted. Rather, they were necessary tools for making entertaining features; they smoothed over the rough spots of the largely unrelated material, while providing hooks for the audience to appreciate the footage. I won't justify such treatment, but I will say that attitudes towards the treatment of animals on film sets have drastically changed over the decades, and it's unfair to hold yesterday's films to today's standards (I don't hear the same critics who decry this sequence call for a ban of all John Ford films - a lot of horses bit the dust from trip wires on his productions).

The story of a little squirrel, Perri has some stunningly beautiful sequences, particularly Perri's moon-lit dream sequence, aided by animation. And thus, the True-Life Adventures series was born. Leaving behind any specific message of conservation in their narratives, the True-Life Adventures impart a reverence for nature and beauty in their very subtext that has influenced young viewers for decades. They were, to her, "phony."

3. 75 min Released on August 28, 1957. All of these factors contributed to Walt's decision to inaugurate a new series of live-action shorts called the True-Life Adventures series. Searching for Nature's MysteriesThis 1956 episode of Disney's Wonderful World of Color features a look at the production of Secrets of Life, along with a look at the scientist-photographers that work on the True-Life Adventures series. Fridays at my elementary school were, for me at least, anticipated not only because of the coming weekend, but also because, quite often, my teachers would schedule a film for the day. unfortunately to my knowldege this film is not on video, and will thus largely remain unknown or forgotten. Of course, there had been nature documentaries before the True-Life Adventures, but they mostly consisted of either exploitation features such as Frank Buck's Bring 'Em Back Alive, or traveling lecture shows, with naturalists and scientists presenting their random nature footage to local clubs and civic organizations (such as the Milottes did). For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Of course, there can be issues with staging action; in particular, the infamous "lemming suicide" sequence in White Wilderness. What critics of Disney's True-Life Adventures series also don't take into account is the tremendous influence for the good that these shorts and features have perpetuated. Educating the public, if indeed that notion was even considered, came subliminally. The close-up photography of the insect battles are stunning. It runs 74 minutes.

But no one had thought of taking nature footage, and applying to it basic storytelling techniques to create a story focused solely on the featured animals. does a nice job of showing the rest of Hibler's career. But instead of a similar metal tin cover, the True-Life Adventures tin has a thick, clear plastic cover so you can see the displayed can. I saw these films on the big screen as well as on 16mm and the tube, and they never looked this good before.

And invariably, we'd see some kind of Disney educational short; if it wasn't something like Seal Island or Beaver Valley, it would be a cartoon like Donald in Mathmagicland. Based on a story by Felix Salten, who had written Bambi, the film was shot in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the Uintah National Forest in Utah. Directed by N. Paul Kenworthy Jr. and Ralph Wright. Certainly, there are "cute" moments aplenty in the film; there's a high "Awwwww!" The notion that these True-Life Adventures are somehow "dishonest" doesn't make sense to me, in that, the producers were trying to show events and scenes for entertainment purposes -- period. Often, this sequence is pointed to as an example of misinformation purposely staged by Disney to create a dramatic moment (of course, they never mention all of the myths that Disney corrects in these films -- such as the bad reputation that wolves have, which they don't deserve, in White Wilderness). Certainly the good will that these films have promoted concerning our environment outweigh an unfortunate incident in one of the shorts. However, some of what's been written is misleading. 2.

When I raised my hand and reminded her that Nanook of the North, long considered one of the greatest documentaries ever made, had recreated scenes, including having to teach Nanook how to hunt like his ancestors before filming took place, I pretty much knew I was getting a low grade on my next term paper.

Final Thoughts:Much more than just nature documentaries, the Disney's True-Life Adventures Volume 4: Nature's Mysteries shorts and features are true Disney works of art, which, through various repetitive editing rhythms and music cues, as well as slow motion photography, can provide moments as surreal and beautiful as Walt's masterpiece, Fantasia. Disney / Via Twitter: @disneyplus. He also told me that the color balance was often off, because of time factors with the labs, so these restorations, according to Mr. Disney, offer better picture quality than the original presentations, and I concur. The price for Disney Plus is $6.99 a month, or you can pay $69.99 a year. The story of a little pine squirrel named Perri and her life from childhood to maturity. They have been lovingly restored for optimal picture quality, and they look better even then when they were first shown. Having collecting older 16mm movie films, i have recently come across an old forgotten Disney film called "Perri".

When Perri’s life is threatened by a marten, her father sacrifices his life to lure it away from Perri’s nest. It's truly distinctive packaging (I particularly like the display element by using the clear plastic cover), and only enhances the nostalgic feel for these timeless classics.

And those Disney features that have a spiritual connection with the True-Life Adventures series, such as 1966's Charlie, The Lonesome Cougar, have been given rather shabby treatment in their DVD releases. Disney / Via Twitter: @disneyplus.

The Audio:Since almost all of the sound for these films was added post-production, and considering that these were, for the most part, low-budget shorts and featurettes, the soundtracks originally laid down for the films were mono -- and that's how they're presented here. Disney's celebrated True-Life Adventures shorts and features, a group of films that have a widespread, emotional connection with audiences who saw them over the decades in theatres, on television and in schools, have long been absent from the Disney video and DVD archives. Adventure in Wildwood HeartThis black and white episode from Disney's Disneyland series, from 1957, opens with a very creepy Walt Disney, hanging out in the Disney morgue, which of course, turns out to be the store room for the Disney archives. Indeed, when Walt was ready to release the first full-length feature film in the True-Life Adventures series, The Living Desert, RKO again demurred, forcing Walt and Roy to form their own distribution arm, the famed Buena Vista company, further enriching the Disney studio and generating a far greater field of exhibition for future Disney films. Collectors' CornerDisney historian Stacia Martin shows off some collectibles and marketing items from Perri and Secrets of Life. The addition of sound effects, as well as the marvelous musical scores that not only highlight the action, but comment on it (the famous otter slide sequence in Beaver Valley), were in no way considered by the Disney staff as compromises to some vague "truth."

Remember to sign in or join D23 today to enjoy endless Disney magic! having heard of it in my childhood , i was courious and asked to borrow it , to my surprise i was very impressed with it. G Felix Salten (novel), Perri, An undiscovered treasure from the Golden age of Disney. Here are the shorts and features included in the Disney's True-Life Adventures Volume 4: Nature's Mysteries: Introduction By Roy DisneyAn introduction by Roy E. Disney, the son of Roy Disney, and nephew of Walt Disney, is included on each of the four volumes of the Disney's True-Life Adventures discs.

Disney has really put together an attractive package for the Disney DVD collector. Mr. Disney is obviously the heart and soul of the Disney company, and his personable demeanor is very reminiscent of his father's and uncle's. I can't think of a better gift for a young person or family -- and certainly anyone interested in Disney -- than these long-lost True-Life Adventures films.

And there's nothing wrong with that; again, these films were meant to reach adults and children, and to entertain them, and those sequences are perhaps the best-remembered parts of the films. It runs 70 minutes. Chief among her complaints was the notion that these nature documentaries were "staged," and that the process of directing and editing the footage, along with added sound effects (many of them man-made for the animals) and "Micky Mousing" music cues, negated the series from serious critical evaluation. The tracks are strong and clear. The chickadee who won't eat is a highlight, as are the bird nest making scenes, as well as the spider web spinning.

factor whenever the films show various baby animals at play. Rowdy kids in their theatre seats, or at their desks, would settle down once the soothing, measured tones of narrator Winston Hibbler came forth (or warbled forth, depending on the shape of that 16mm school print), and we'd be treated to yet another True-Life Adventure; a timeless story of nature in all of its infinite beauty and variety, as seen through the eyes of the magic makers at Disney.

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