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I really enjoyed seeing how different coaching styles were effective – this assisted me in feeling more confident in my own abilities as a coach. Many fundamental aspects of our reality are associated with the number 4. I attended my first workshop with Iyanla in 2015 and received healing, deliverance, freedom and truth. Learn more about upcoming workshops to help you towards deep rest and rejuvenation in the pristine natural setting of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Boone, North Carolina. It’s so important to watch, participate and guide others through this process, so you understand every aspect of coaching.”, “Becoming a successful Personal Development Coach has always been an aspiration of mine and I could not locate a better trainer to help me along this path than Dez Stephens. My team and I are here to help! Great choice Self! I was stripped down to my core and rebuilt in love and light. They walk a path of honor and nobility and take courageous action to bring their highest vision to life. "If you want to relax, recharge, and find yourself again, this is the place! But . Here’s your chance to go on a transformational journey of discovery and self-mastery with the amazing. There is something bigger than you know going on here.” ― Iyanla Vanzant “All of us have ways in which we mask and cover our pain.” Connect with nature and reminisce while hiking one of our many mountain trails. Reduce tension and stress with a couple’s or individual Ayurveda spa treatment. Cleanse your soul with a leisurely walk on one of our beautiful nature trails. These resources will always be here for you, however, you will need to watch the live training sessions as recordings, Iyanla will not be on a live call with you. No problem! What if I have a question or need support? A big thanks to Dez and all the rest of my cycle.”, “Radiant Health Institute is an excellent training ground for individuals who are seeking to start a career in life coaching. You will be assigned to a small group Cohort, and you will have a Training Captain. Your purchase is secure. In the same way it would happen if you purchased a concert ticket and did not attend, we do not offer refunds once you make the commitment and attend even one class.

Our signature online programs, consultations, and at-home cleanse packages bring our expert faculty and the benefits of holistic learning to you. If you find that the things that once made you happy no longer do; the things that once were important no longer are; the people and experiences that were once a part of your life no longer fit, you have probably become A New Minded Man. Don't try to heal the broken pieces. The recommended Ayurveda treatment for this retreat is an Abhyanga massage (“Abby” for short), followed by a relaxing steam to further release stress. You were born with a Warrior spirit that demands to be unleashed! Every single person on the planet is made up of four foundational pillars: Together these four “building blocks” form the bricks of WHO YOU ARE. When the four cornerstones of your being are stable and strong, you will succeed and thrive no matter what obstacles appear in your path. 639 Whispering Hills Rd, Boone, NC 28607 | 800.392.6870, Site Map | Legal Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | © Art of Living Retreat Center 2020, Site Map | Legal Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Copyright Art of Living Retreat Center, 2020. From live-streaming signature retreats, events, cleanses, and Ayurveda consultations to on-demand Ayurveda education, all of our programs feature the best of our best—experienced teachers, expertly crafted curriculum, and tools for a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

It is a soft place to fall. We will never share your personal information. Sow a new level of calm and balance into your life with a Yoga or meditation class. . For room reservations, spa retreats, and Art of Living Retreat Center (AOLRC) signature retreats, we have the following cancellation policy: To encourage a healthy environment we ask that guest to not consume alcohol or meat in our public spaces, however, guests may enjoy these items in their rooms. Mingle with like-minded visitors over lunch in the Dining Hall. The only power that really matters is mastery over your own thoughts and actions. The weekend was a life changing event; causing me to dig deep, lift my veil and stand authentically in truth. An integration of our world-renowned Happiness Retreat with contemplative silence. Enhance self-esteem and confidence that will attract what is required in order to achieve personal desires and goals. If you complete this journey with me BEFORE you set your goals for the year or decade, I guarantee you will be much more likely to make your dreams come true – and experience more joy and fulfillment in everything you do! No problem! I don't need to be ashamed of who I am. Iyanla Vanzant I have moved more confidently into coaching since being equipped with all the tools and resources RCA provides.

Please call 828-264-8382 for details. My name is Iyanla Vanzant and I am probably best known as the host of “IYANLA: Fix My Life,” the #1 reality show on OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network) and most recently, the Daily Anti-Viral Message on Facebook Live. During these six life-changing weeks together, Iyanla will teach you how to: Achieve the physical, mental, emotional, and. How to FINALLY Quit Your Day Job: Become a Holistic Coach, Why Coaching Without Certification May Do More Harm Than Good—to You AND Your Clients. Go at your own pace from right where you are. Explore our captivating campus or head out on one of our guided mountain trail hikes. Any questions about our workshops? I like Iyanla Vanzant and I like her books. “I went into the training thinking I knew everything there was to know and boy was I proven wrong. ), Combine your retreat with authentic Ayurveda for rejuvenation on all levels, body, mind and spirit. The program will become available in the fall as a self-study program. I’m so thankful for the Wisdom that the God Squad and Iyanla shared. Our signature online programs, consultations, and at-home cleanse packages bring our expert faculty and the benefits of holistic learning to you. You spend a lot of condensed time together and it’s encouraging to meet others who have a similar passion and goal of becoming a certified coach. For me, the work I did with Iyanla guided me safely to a place within that I had ignored because of fear, shame, and lack of self-love. Archives. Explore your concerns, set goals, and discover self-care together with an Ayurveda expert. 2020 is going to be a powerful year – can’t you feel it? |, Wonder Woman Weekend: Tapping the Power Within. What you learn and take away from the experience will uplevel your life and business in a MASSIVE way.”, “If you are contemplating going through this training program, please don’t hesitate to do so. The training called forth the best in all of us and added layers of warmth and depth to our coaching and our lives. I learned how to raise the voice I often kept silent and explore many of the issues which were creating barriers in my life. Iyanla Vanzant is well known for her work on Iyanla Fix My Life on the Oprah Winfrey Network. A change has come over me. Grab some delicious chai and relax in our cafe or take in the majestic views on our deck. . 9:45–10:45 am and 4:15–5:15 pmHatha Yoga Class | Sattva Studio, 11:00 am–12:00 pmMind and Meditation Session | Sattva Studio. She is a spirit to be reckoned with that will continue to establish greatness in all she sets to accomplish.”, “I cannot possibly put into words the way I truly feel about the training. the #1 reality show on OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network) and most recently, the Daily Anti-Viral Message on Facebook Live. Life happens! (. It deepened me as a person and provided me the guidelines and tools to help others do the same. Whether you want to explore forest trails and bask in the fresh mountain air, enjoy a pottery or watercolor painting class, release stress with a therapeutic spa treatment, the choice is yours.

What will we be doing in the workshop? 8:30–10:00 pmBonfire | Below Veda 2 Weather permitting; Saturdays only. Years of experience and research have led me to one conclusion . Gain the confidence and faith you need to c. onfront your fears, embrace the unknown, and take courageous action toward your goals. Radiant Health Institute is an accredited institute that will provide you with the tools and resources necessary to become a successful life coach.”, “The training you will receive from Dez Stephens and Radiant Coaching Academy is so much more than reading a book or listening to a webinar. What if I can’t complete the program in six weeks because I get sick or am going on vacation? How incredibly special each and everyone of us are. Standing up for what you believe in – and taking unstoppable action to create the kind of world YOU want to live in. I attended my first workshop with Iyanla in 2015 and received healing, deliverance, freedom and truth. I was stuck in a pattern of negative thinking, which I broke by the end of the weekend. It’s a number of BEING. Align your actions with your higher purpose and dedicate your life to serving others. Now, I am more in tune with my feelings an I have definitely raised my level of consciousness. Iyanla has been throught some very serious issues, such as the death of her daughter from cancer, and has plenty of life experience behind her. (Additional spa treatments available. (Please join only if your program schedule permits.). The people, resources, and opportunities you seek will flow effortlessly toward you. This is the most commonly asked question; unfortunately, there is no straight forward answer we can give you so we asked some participants how … I developed a strong sense of pride and accomplishment as a graduate from The Radiant Health Institute. Online Self-Study Program Relaunches FALL 2020. All in all, the Holistic Life Coach training I received from Radiant Health Institute was an awesome experience; it is a great foundation I can build upon as my practice continues to grow!”, “The training is exceptionally great and above what I expected in the program. ", "A magnificent place for a refreshing retreat. They are the cornerstones of your very being – the factors that determine how you see yourself… how you show up in the world… how you experience the world… and how the world responds to you.. You will never look at yourself, your life or others the same way. 639 Whispering Hills Rd, Boone, NC 28607 | 800.392.6870, Site Map | Legal Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | © Art of Living Retreat Center 2020, Site Map | Legal Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Copyright Art of Living Retreat Center, 2020, The ancient science of Ayurveda gives us all the tools we need to live a holistic, healthy, and happy. We offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

Every January, you’ll find yourself setting the same goals over and over, only to finish the year frustrated and disappointed because you didn’t manage to achieve them.

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