john malkovich accent

To make things jive, director Oliver Stone reportedly had Val Kilmer—playing Alexander's father, King Philip—speak with an Irish accent too. From the posh-English of Lara Croft to the Cuban-French of Mariane Pearl, Jolie has notably pulled off some decent accents in her career.

If only Rowan Atkinson was around to help, eh? Tom Hardy (R) with co-star Gary Oldman (L).

Costner's rendition of the benevolent thief, however, sounds more like a West Coast dude indulging in the SoCal sun. However, the only critique that can be given to Micky Rourke here is that his accent sounds somewhat less credible once he actually starts speaking in Russian. Click here to find out more. It doesn't sound to me like a usual regional American dialect, but it also doesn't sound exactly like an international accent. Nor has it stood the test of time to its fans. The ACB Murders continues tomorrow night at 9pm on BBC One. We rate and slate your favorite actors’ best (and worst) efforts. ", Rule No.

Not only is it extra phlegmy, KGB's accent borders on the insane—and not even Malkovich thought it was any good.

In a period piece about Englishmen and Irishmen battling it out in the streets, it helps to have authentic-sounding accents. We are, after all, suspending our disbelief the moment we see the iconic actor wearing an ushanka, and like director Kathryn Bigelow once remarked: "If it was completely authentic, they would be speaking Russian.".

Unfortunately, he doesn't get to play Scottish characters as much as he'd like, making for some awkward attempts at sounding American. Who needs accents when you have The Macleod Longsword, anyway?

In fact, we're not even sure he delivers a British accent at all.

Angelina Jolie's accent in Alexander isn't just bad, it also doesn't fit with the rest of the movie's accents. She pretty much just sounds like Cameron Diaz. The ability to convincingly assume the role of someone else entirely is, at times, astonishing, but, sometimes, no amount of practice can instill a convincing foreign accent in even the best actors. Undoubtedly one of the lesser-known titles on Clint Eastwood’s catalogue, this spy drama, once described by film critic Vincent Canby as “James Bond without the girls and action,” managed to muster up one particular quote in Eastwood’s character Major Mitchell Grant’s line “you must think in Russian.” Ironically, this line actually comes out in a thick German accent. #TheABCMurders, — Jordan Green (@JoddersGreen) December 26, 2018, John Malkovich is doing the same accent for Poirot as he did in Johnny English ?

In less distinctly American-sounding moments, she still doesn't sound Irish.

7 comments. Almost everyone knows what an Irish accent sounds like, but it's also …

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