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I gave him all my information & when he told me how much I would be charged, I told him I didn’t care – I was convinced! If a person has one episode of unipolar depression (as opposed to bipolar depression) and they eventually have another episode, the likelihood of having more episodes continues to multiply each time a new episode begins and will probably evolve into a chronic lifelong struggle with depression. I just found this revue as i just watched the tv commercial and was just curious what others would say about it. On a separate note…. I truly hope the best for you, and here is a saying I know all to well: If you dont have nothing nice to say DONT say NOTHING at ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just seen the infomercial pitch on dish network tv (10-6-15, so I googled the Midwest center and found this site.agreed that one program does not fit all.did some more digging and concluded that its something that may work for just a few. I have had anxiety and depression for 10 years and i got these tapes. I ordered the free trial and can not wait to recieve it.

Best thing is probably to contact your credit card company and dispute any charges from such company,s who refuse to stop charging for something you dont want, Because the sales reps have no reason to stop charges if they can get away with it. I was stonewalled. I followed it exactly as suggested, and yes it was a lot of work, but it was well worth every penny for me. Very sad . 0 side effects. He is the almighty healer of all things. Now they said, I was also schizophrenic. $ 77.00 I already paid IF I kept the program. Lark Rise to Candleford (2008-2011)as Queenie Turrill / Queenie Warner, Your email address will not be published. Im sure your going to think I work for them , the answer is no , but if I could , I surely would. No longer confident about atheism. I told her I do not authorize any payments on my CC. It was worth it. She went on to say, If my refund was approved it would take 2-3 weeks. Hey everyone, Lucinda sold the program in 2009. The people on the CD’s are wonderful, warm human beings, who reassure us that we are not alone.

So, just give it a try with both prayer, God healing power and herbs to get your life back. Don’t blame her or the original group of people putting it out. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THEY ARE A RIP OFF AND THEY LIE ,IF I CAN’T GET MY MONEY BACK I TOLD I WILL FILE A LAW SUIT. some overlapping. The program helped me get control of my panic attacks when nothing else had helped. They should be ashamed of themselves!

I didn’t recognise this before the second box of pills arrived a month later.

Just one more post here. cant explain either!

I had anxiety of the worse kind. I told him to check his breathing & explained what was happening to him.

The rep I spoke to at the company was unforgiving and argumentative. Realized the following day I should have done some research first and then found out the bad news about them. That is what Lucinda has done, she has put everything in one place.

do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is excellent blog. All I can say is that you are never alone.

In the beginning- 2006 I would stop once I felt relief. Counseling and self help programs may help you cope, but they are not a cure. As the previous poster suggests, no one single approach to treat ANY malaise or imbalance is going to work for EVERYONE. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I think paid $350-$450 back then…don’t believe their was a trial offer at time but I can not set a value for me on this purchase. You will not know until you try. That’s why there are millions of self help books on the market. $450 is half a month’s rent; one quarter of my income that goes to a roof over my head. Eat right. All I ever saw was her outgoing personality and how she could do so many things like play the guitar and sing. Does anyone have the workbook that goes with these cassette tapes? This program completely changed my thinking! I didn’t know anyone else who was going through what I was going through. Bought the program in the 90s .Money well spent.Consider myself cured.The thing I dont understand is how can you tell it works when ur trying to return it without giving it a chance.I just bought the program without a trial run and it really helped me overcome my sickness.Also you have to remember their in it to make money.A sidenote:I lost one of the tapes and I called for a new one and they replaced it free of chare no questions asked. Eveyone – you should know that people sell used stuff.

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