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Colt claims he was at the wedding and then alone with Abby. Colt signs the divorce papers and gives them to Abby. 3,764, This story has been shared 334 times. After the party, all the Bennetts gather for a nightcap. Colt interacts awkwardly with them. Colt's constant complaining results in Beau kicking him out of the hunting shack, so Rooster and Colt switch places. Mary Roth was introduced as the mother of sisters Heather and Darlene Roth; the former of whom was Colt Bennett's pregnant ex-girlfriend. 219, This story has been shared 218 times. [1],, Short description with empty Wikidata description, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Beau comes home to a surprise visit from Colt, who is in transit to a tryout with a semi-pro football team in Denver. Upon Dale's inspection that Beau does the insemination job well, the boys leave him. Beau and Rooster argue about Beau's treatment of Colt, with Beau claiming he pushes Colt hard in order "to prepare him for the rest of his life". At the clinic, Heather changes her mind and decides she wants to keep the baby. Colt relents and attends Abby's book fair, and they discuss the status of their marriage. While the character's death is not a complete shock, their fate was questionable at the end of Part 7 — the first half of Season 4. Colt tells Beau marrying Joanne is the best thing that has happened to him and he ought to travel anywhere she likes. Beau and Maggie decide to head back to the house together, leaving the bickering Rooster and Colt to walk home in the rain. Spoilers ahead for The Ranch Part 7 and Part 8. And it f—king scares me, because I have a hundred moments like that.” The support group leader thanks Luke for his share, then Luke says that he’ll be back again next week. Afterwards, Colt is pulled over for driving a tractor while impaired, and the arresting officer is his high school friend Billy. Abby buys replacement drapes as a gift for Maggie and meets Colt, who is still wondering whether to get a birthday gift for Heather. All rights Maggie says she believes in Beau and is sure he will succeed, and he agrees to let her help with obtaining the loan. Copyright 2018 Colt demands her to depend only on him as she says Kenny was coming as a friend, but not before lying about him not being there. Colt rescues Beau's Iron River branding iron from the trash and asks to carry on the name at his ranch, and Beau approves. Rich tells Colt Lisa fired him and he now works as a buyer for Outback Steakhouse. He then visits Maggie's to help her moving but sees her trailer is gone.

Jerry, the family's lawyer, attempts to settle in the divorce of Beau and Maggie but her terms on giving her share of the ranch to the boys turns him off. Liselotte Maria "Lotta" Neumann (born 20 May 1966) is a Swedish professional golfer.When she recorded her first LPGA Tour win, by claiming the 1988 U.S. Women's Open title, Neumann also became the first Swedish golfer, male or female, to win a major championship. During his high school years he was a great Football player and up to this day is the most famous player in the city of Garrison. Abby & Luke search together and Beau & Joanne search together to try and find Colt, who is nearing death from the cold.

Beau sells Lisa the Iron River Ranch in exchange for Lisa not pressing charges against Colt. Colt lets Lisa Neumann know that her bull might be spreading it, but she flips it on Colt and claims his cows actually infected the bull, which then infected her whole herd, yada, yada, yada.

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