obscure 90s cartoons

[divider type=”space_thin”] There was a cartoon (a one-time special, I think) where a horseshoe-shaped guy (like this: Ω ) was running around trying to escape from a spider that was chasing it. Greatest 90’s cartoon theme song with the blackest robots. Conan the Adventurer had no business being as good as it was. Somehow, someway, Captain Bucky O’Hare was actually pretty awesome – it was essentially Biker Mice from Mars before that show even existed. So take a walk down memory lane with CBR as we take a look at some of the '90s forgotten animated gems. Apparently, nobody bothered to tell Warner Bros. this, as the studio released Quest For Camelot in 1998, leading to one of its biggest bombs of the decade. All I remember is (and these are shaky memories so may not all be correct): +Some sort of small orange monster as well as two children, one male/one female, +A plot where the main villain steals all the planet Earth’s air and sells it back to people for a huge profit, +A plot where the protagonists are shrunken down and swallowed, making them choose a way down the throat to follow. Hitting theaters in 1990, the DuckTales movie took Huey, Dewey, and Louie to the Middle East, where rich uncle Scrooge is investigating the recently unearthed treasure chest of... sigh... Collie Baba. Thank you! It was about these magical creatures I think and there was a girl in it. It always felt dire, and I clearly remember how the sun kept looking more and more dire each episode, and that they were always running into trouble on the new world… Does anyone know or remember this show? Come to think of it, it might be time for an adult re-watch. AKA – Not Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I remember watching this show with my brother on weekends at our Dad’s house, and the memory is about to leave tears on my keyboard. Cartoon set on the Ocean about some kind of environmental rescue people. It’s about some friends who have a band, and one day they get pulled into an alternate, animated universe where they have to defeat the evil Master Blaster through the power of music (which he hates) and they have a little fairy sidekick named Glitter. Blue, The Earth Child. Heyy ! http://screenrant.com/best-japanese-animated-movies/?view=all. Anyone remember an animated series in the 90’s that had an archvillain who’s base of operations seemed to be in a giant room with a pendulum swinging? And what is it called? He might solve a mystery, or rewrite history. All I know that it was basically a race down a snowy mountain, with lots of different creatures and some super cool sleds. The classic tale of the King of Siam learning to change thanks to an encounter with an outgoing British woman, the animated adaption added an adorable animal sidekick and a Barbara Streisand song for good measure (kids in 1991 loved Barbara Streisand, apparently). My sister and I have been searching for this movie for a long time. So much of my childhood was shaped by obscure foreign animation, thankfully. Or at least it was their names in the danish version back in the days.) Yes, this obscure '90s animated film took famous foul-mouthed comedian Rodney Dangerfield, turned him into a cartoon dog, and sent him on a wacky, family-friendly misadventure, which is just as strange a concept now as it was in 1991. Invoking the statute of limitations on spoilers: practically everyone dies at the end. The other ( not so descriptive) was of a bunch of teenagers that used to fight crime and they used to turn in to animals to do it .. I have looked a lot on the net for it but can’t find anything, I wonder if maybe I dreamed it. The first one sounds like it might be Battle of the Planets or G-Force. They were all frat boys who talked the same, dressed the same, and would make the same decisions. It was a really dark show – post-apocalyptic. In fact, it wouldn't even get within spitting distance of the best animated films of the '90s. Ok. I’ve got one.

Did the kid have a hand that he can turn blue to use it like a weapon and the bike’s wheel rotate to float in the air ? I want to say they rode on their animal’s back (think He-Man on Battle Cat) and each animal wasn’t exactly the same like they are in Voltron. This was actually a pretty solid show with a legit hard sci-fi plot about android humans rebelling against their creators and taking over mankind’s terraformed solar system colonies. I used to watch it all the time, but can’t find the name of it. I only remember that they had little spacescooters that looked like a sphere with handlebars on them. The setting was at an post apocalyptic world .

That brings us to Olive, The Other Reindeer. I think he wore yellow light green or orange. Ultimately, the film was eclipsed by The Lion King, leading to The Princess and the Goblin bombing at the box office. I think that was Noozles.

I cannot remember the name of the show or any of the characters names, so its difficult to look for with limited info. I’m trying to figure out a old cartoon that was kinda like dream stone but it had like star girls trying to save the good dreams? I remember that scene you described about the guy losing his mouth, Gus can change his body and I think I saw this in an episode. I’m looking for a cartoon with animal characters filled in for Gwen,Arthur, Merlin. Manga in style about a girl trying to defeat a dragon, the only way she could defeat the dragon was to kill herself (cutting her throat with sword) she then came back as a spirit and defeated the dragon.

Hello, i been looking for a cartoon about a dude, whit orange or red hair i think, that went around looking for certain people whit special abilities.

I think it originated in America or the UK. It's A Wonderful Life it ain't, but Olive, The Other Reindeer found a dedicated following on home video, and remains a beloved classic among the '90s crowd. Pirates of Dark Water should definitely be included. Despite adapting a beloved and well known fairy tale, interest in the film was low, leading Thumbelina to land with a thud at the box office. I am looking for a cartoon of 1990’s, in which a prince gets back his kingdom which was taken by his father’s enemies when he was a child.

Hitting theaters in 1996, Cats Don't Dance followed the adventures of optimistic small town cat Danny as he travels to Hollywood in 1936 to pursue his dreams of stardom.

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