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The website's critical consensus reads, "Poetry is an absorbing, poignant drama because it offers no easy answers to its complex central conflict. Though Mi-ja occasionally speaks to her daughter on the phone, she does not mention the situation. Mija (Yun Jung-hee) lives in a South Korean city, where she looks after her grandson, Jongwook (Lee Da-wit), and is a care-giver for an old man who is half-paralyzed by a stroke.

Mija (Yun Jung-hee) lives in a South Korean city, where she looks after her grandson, Jongwook , and is a care-giver for an old man who is half-paralyzed by a stroke. His mother (Mija's daughter) now lives in Busan: it is an arrangement which has evidently been arrived at long ago, and never discussed.

All rights reserved. Mija goes home and really looks at an apple.

Initially not finding her at home, Mi-ja eventually comes across her working in the field. [8] Lee was initially worried that Yoon's long experience might have bound her to an outdated acting style, but was very pleased with her attitude, saying, "She performed her scenes with a willingness to discuss and this is something that's difficult to find even in younger actors. She continues with her life.

Mija is made to feel she must raise the money as a duty to her son.

Maybe it's as simple as that. Then we meet an old woman named Mija. The feeling is made manifest in the movie's final, extraordinary sequence. Bonded and Unbound: Sean Connery, 1930-2020, Disney+'s The Mandalorian Makes a Valiant Return in Season Two Opener, Amazon's Truth Seekers is Missing Jokes and Scares. Aware of her diagnosis, we look for signs of memory loss, but she remembers, all right. Lee won the Best Screenplay Award at the Cannes Film Festival.

That film also approached extreme cruelty with outward composure.

Mija, at the center, is perhaps determined to not fill her remaining memories with despair, and to avoid adding to the sum of the world's misery. Instead of a film with revenge and violence seen in most Korean noir films, it subverted expectations and delivered something like a ‘Requiem for a Dream’.

Finally, she remembers that she was meant to confront the woman about the settlement, but is too embarrassed and continues to leave.

The idea for the film had its origin in a real-life case where a small town schoolgirl had been raped by a gang of teenage boys. Mi-ja temporarily quits her job caring for the elderly stroke victim after he makes a desperate sexual advance toward her. One night, he invites all of them over without notifying Mi-ja, who nevertheless tries to be a gracious host, offering them a snack before they disappear into Wook's bedroom.

She later returns after a journey to the bridge where Agnes jumped, and her hat flies off into the water. "[16] "Given the abundant potential for missteps into sappiness with this sort of premise," Justin Chang wrote in Variety, "what's notable here is the lack of sentimentality in Lee's approach. She is a small, unremarkable woman, cheerfully dressed, quiet, getting things done. Mija's grandson is a sullen lout, a layabout with worthless friends. This terrible event, Mija's own responses, and what they indirectly reveal about her own youth, are what define the film's tragic quality. Maybe Poetry would have worked well enough if it had simply been about an … But Lee doesn't make exploitation films, and he doesn't find conventional answers. Yang Mi-ja (Yoon Jeong-hee), a 66-year-old grandmother, consults a doctor at a hospital who is concerned about her forgetfulness, referring her to a specialist. The fathers of the other boys meet with Mija and explain they're getting up a fund to pay off the dead girl's mother. There is perhaps something in the river. "[5] Prior to Poetry, the last film Yoon appeared in was Manmubang ("Two Flags") from 1994. Other accolades include the Grand Bell Awards for Best Picture and Best Actress, the Blue Dragon Film Awards for Best Actress, the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress, and the Asia Pacific Screen Award for Achievement in Directing and Best Performance by an Actress.[3]. When she does, she appears emotionless. She is told one day that he has been implicated with five other boys in the rape of a young woman. Maybe Poetry would have worked well enough if it had simply been about an old woman who wished to write a poem before Alzheimer's wiped everything out. As she leaves the hospital she sees a woman crazy with grief because her 16-year-old daughter has drowned. In 1975, he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism.

Mi-ja begins attending a local weekly poetry reading.

She is making sense of her life: that is the "poetry" which is taking place, minute by minute, scene by scene. First, they vandalize the car. The fathers fear retribution for their boys, and the school fears a scandal that will tarnish its reputation. At no point does Poetry devolve into a terminal-illness melodrama or a tale of intergenerational bonding." [9] As of August 1, 2010, Box Office Mojo reported a total revenue of US$1,301,057 in the film's domestic market. The course assignment is to write one poem by the end of the month-long course. [7], Filming started in August 25, 2009 and ended three months later in Gyeonggi Province and Gangwon Province.

Yet without the plotline about the girl, it would not be the film it is. That night, the crude policeman from the weekly poetry readings appears with his partner to take Wook away. But then, every fruit is perfect. The teacher begins to read Mi-ja's poem to the class. A few days later, Mi-ja returns to the fathers to admit that she still cannot pay her portion of the settlement.

Yoon Jeong-hee stars in the leading role, which was her first role in a film since 1994. Though Mi-ja lives on government welfare, she has a small job taking care of a well-to-do elderly man who has had a stroke. “Poetry” opens with this extended shot, so that our realization can slowly grow. If it could be reduced to anything as prosaic as a formula, this mysterious and beautiful film from Korean director Lee Chang-dong might be expressed as Ozu plus … what? At the centre of the action is Yun Jung-hie, who plays sixtysomething grandma Mija, living in the sticks and getting by with a nursing job; she looks after her troubled teen grandson who lives with her in a modest apartment. Poetry (Korean: 시; Hanja: 詩; RR: Si) is a 2010 South Korean drama film written and directed by Lee Chang-dong. There is a scene here that is heart-rending.

In order to avert a full police investigation, the parents of the boys offer to pay a settlement of 30 million won to the widowed mother, a poor farmer. So I had some spare time and decided to watch my first Korean drama, I chose Iris based on recommendation and the fact that my bias to big bang also gave me incentive to watch it turns out top has like what 16 words and spends the rest of his time looking pissed off …

Allow us to break it down. Later, during a visit in Japan, Lee saw a television program in his hotel room. Wondering if this is Mi-ja's attempt at extortion, he pays her. [26] At the 2010 Asia Pacific Screen Awards, Lee received the award for Best Achievement in Directing and Yoon for Best Performance by an Actress; the film was also nominated in the categories Best Feature Film and Best Screenplay. She deals with this in her own way, which I will not specify, except by saying that she begins to really look. Then, they proceed to attack the driver and the other passengers. When Mi-ja is diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer's disease, she again neglects to tell anyone. After prison, he meets the severely disabled daughter of his victim, he assaults her, and this begins a relationship that seems somehow to meet their mutual needs. It deals with a disturbed and worthless ex-con who killed a man in a hit-and-run accident.

When Mi-ja asks Wook about the girl from his class who drowned, Wook insists that he doesn't know her.

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