raging loop true ending

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So many different perspectives and new insight to things. Each round a villager dies, and the class has to vote to “kill” one werewolf after. Before writing for Gaming Trend, he had a small gig on the now defunct Examiner.

The murder-mystery is very similar in gameplay to the Zero Escape series, from the multitude of choices all the way down to the flowchart that helps you complete each ending. I was actually surprised at how attached I would get to Haruaki. Certain choices only unlock once you’ve acquired information in another timeline after all, so it’s in your best interest to die sometimes.

I felt awful for both her and Haruaki, but as a reader I was so, so invested and I loved every second of the tragedy.

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The type of characters and the backstories, for the most part, are covered pretty early on.

It’s not enough to identify the wolves and hang them all, because you’re not trying to find the killers. Voila, The Raging Loop is now yours!

While he does fall into a stereotypical jerk during the first route of the game, as he continues to die and relive his experiences over and over again, he develops into a heroic character.

While interacting with the eccentric cast of villagers (as well as a few outsiders, Haruaki included), he’s brought into a grisly game of deduction and murder with the Feast of the Yomi-Purge, which is a legend that everyone in the village religiously follows. Sullen Girl is CleanObtained Key “Truth of the Girl.” The Truth of the Girl Key is Key 14. Worth it though. Amphibian is a great writer and I expect more from it. And that she took in the corruption to feed the spider’s hate. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Everyone else was fantastic too! The story follows Haruaki Fusaishi, who wanders into the mountains on his motorbike after a tragic breakup. A small moment in this route that also stood out to me was when Haruaki and Mocchi played rock paper scissors at the end. Yes, it gets a little wordy at times and towards the end doesn’t seem to know whether it wants things to be more supernatural or caused by manmade events, but the story never loses sight of what makes Raging Loop so horrible.

For the majority of the 20-something hours I read this, the focus was more on studying the people of Yasumizu, the mountain they lived on, the strange bits and pieces of their local religion that didn’t quite make sense when lined up next to their histories, and attempting to determine where the natural ended and supernatural began within the confines of the Feast.

He picks up on every little clue the other characters leave for him during this mystery, and he manages to charm plenty of them (while making enemies of others). The translation is also fantastic. Yasunaga, Meiko, Nosato, Mamiya and Hashimoto were probably the characters that next stood out to me. But also hilarious. Did you guys like the game too?

The characters are both fun and charming; mysterious and relatable; stubborn and hateable. An odd key that you’ll obtain not from dying. You can also go back to any point in your playthrough using a Zero Escape-like flowchart which details branching choices, the keys you’ll need to make a certain decision, as well as any time your decision ended in your death. is a horror visual novel that makes you care more about the ‘how’ than ‘who’ behind its mystery. A community for discussing visual novels, their development, and the medium. It was just… a lot of information at once, and I’m going to be honest and admit that I had trouble following some of it.

A certain number of students are assigned to be werewolves, others have powers (like checking a student’s identity, protecting one person, etc) but most are villagers. You remember that Werewolf game you played back in school? I found that her personal struggles gave her a lot of dimension as a character, and the whole posesion thing was really neat.

Death is not just expected, but required to progress. This is also true in a larger sense - after Haruaki loops back to before he enters the village, every choice where he decides to just ride along and not enter Yasumizu results in his death.

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I'm nearly finished with it and the influences it has on Raging Loop are very clear, so much so that it's not inaccurate to call RL a reimagining of Higurashi.

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Would definitely come back in a few months maybe to give the plot a second try with the revelation bits.

Just thought you might want to hold back on that purchase.

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