sunbeam tiger registry

Ledgers of Tiger production, safely held at the Coventry Motor Home | Catalog | What's New | About Us | Tech Tips | Links Ed Gullett's 1966 Sunbeam Tiger. This is the third Tiger I've owned and this time I'm keeping closer to stock. William Manning's 1965 Sunbeam Tiger. if you would credit the author/contributor/site). Or join our Forum and poke around to see if others have had similar questions. I've done all the open track, auto crossing, race tires, etc. TIGER The Making of A Sports Car by Mike Taylor (NLP) Sunbeam Alpine and Tiger by Graham Robson (NLP) Hillman, Humber, Singer, Sunbeam Alpine 1966-67 Autobook, by Kenneth Ball (NLP) Alpine, The Classic Sunbeam' by Chris McGovern (NLP) Not reverse traced, incorrectly in some cases. Sunbeam Tiger Stories. So you see my problem is that if the talk is true that he was a member of a tiger club, which one or how do we find out because the clubs probably cancel memberships if they are not contacted about a members death Please contact me so I know what to do because they want to sell his 66 Tiger and need to know the facts behind the car so they don’t get ripped off!!!! In 1991, the "Jensen" ledgers emerged from hibernation and Along with a large collection of historic photographs, production ledgers from Jensen Motors Ltd. ended up secure in the hands of a former Rootes/Chrysler public relations firm. molson (at) accutach (dot) com The STOA (Sunbeam Tiger Owners Association) has a list of currently authenticated Tigers. computerized database. I have found a few listed Registrys on websites but they all say that they are not complete.

Find the best selection of pre-owned Sunbeam Tiger For Sale in the US. By Hobey Landreth. A sortable, searchable version of STOA's list of authenticated Tigers is available for review by club members under "Members Only" menu tab. At the time, it seemed no one could see paying money for a computerized record of owners and cars, or the toil involved to put it all together. If this vehicle has been sold and you are the new owner, sign up to become a member (or if you're already a member, make sure you are signed in) and ask the current owner to click the "Transfer Vehicle" button from this car's page. Also, it has a complete listing of all Tiger production serial numbers taken from the TIROST Registry. Owner: William Manning [gripdad] Location: Los … It has been produced with the assistance of many international Rootes and Tiger clubs who have provided STC with information about the ‘HROFE’ cars in their respective countries. Add Your Car or Sign In to vote for this car or leave a comment. Lists and Websites. Developing a Register such as this is no easy matter considering the unfortunate action of Chrysler U.K. 20 years ago, in choosing to destroy almost all of the Rootes Group archives. Even before the first MK Is were ten years old, one California Tiger enthusiast started collecting ID information from every owner he could find. The Classic Tiger Website was created and is hosted by Mark Click here to learn how. The truth of the matter is that Rootes records on the creation of Tiger models does not adequately exist to simply go by JAL or VIN numbers. Editorial assistance by Kevin Meek & Norman Therefore, over the years a group of dedicated individuals has created a system by which a car can be evaluated to determine if the car in fact was created on the production line that produced Tigers. Feel free to copy and use the material on this website in any way, Want to leave a comment or ask the owner a question? First check behind the glovebox for a TAC plaque saying that the car has already been evaluated.

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