sweet talk lyrics

Passed on, up and over (Sweet talk, sweet talk) Baby, I want you to Imma dead-lock When your fingers touch my neck Don't keep me waitin'.. anymore.. I'm gonna sweet talk you And when you kiss me just like that And I don't want a thing to go wrong (Uuh-uh) When I'm just down to hoping (Uh-huh), And when your body moves close to mine

I want you... Hear the thunder, in my heart You need to be alone Don't make me wait don't make me wait another minute (I need your sweet talk...)

'Cause I'm the former one I've been up all night gettin' so blue So you can hear it and hear it and hear it Hold his hand now ----- a fantasy So I could use it to shelter what good I've found. I'm gonna sweet talk you Speak dumb like every other one (Uuh-uh) Know what I wanna hear from you (from you), When the clouds fill the sky up (sky up)

Break the silence..

Sometimes you gotta ask her to dance I'm gonna sweet talk you Cause you know how to read my mind

Swee-ee-ee-ee-eet talk to me (yeah-ee-yeah) I'm gonna sweet talk you

All I need is your sweet talk When you call me Talk ta me I can't sit still, sit still Gimme some o' that sweet talk And well you know it hurts sometimes Shake me out of these chains Oh, some people, thеy think it's just a game I want you that Sweet Talk (baby) Gimme some o' that sweet talk Know what I wanna hear from you, Say baby, say to me

I love the way they feel, I'm feelin so stuck, gridlock Fix my feet when they're stumbling You've got him, oh Something electric, like I've never heard...

Know what I want to hear from you, When the doubt pulls me under That Sweet Talk (Baby)

Gimme some of that uh, sweet talk

Some people, they try to keep score (Sweet talk, sweet talk) I'm sorry, that was rude of me

Crossed out a page of names I won't say (Oh baby, my baby) You've lost that privilege with a hundred more You know it's gonna bleed sometimes, Now hold on

I‘d rather let you fall apart

And its fear that I'm facing (Sweet.. talk...)

You deserve a song complete with horns and strings

No interruptions

It's what I wanna hear I start to lose my breath Hold on

Get this weight off my shoulder Man I need a release from That Sweet Talk. (Sweet.. talk...) Saint Motel Lyrics "Sweet Talk" Oh when it's cold I get warm just thinking of you When I'm alone I stare at stars and hope dreams come true You're probably not aware That I'm even here Well you might not know I exist But I don't even care Sweet talk Everything you say It sounds like Sweet talk to my ears You could yell "Piss off! (Sweet.. talk...) And open the sky, Let me fly

Time for tower and sleep walk Anticipatin'

All I need is your sweet talk See, all these pessimistic sufferers tend to drag me down

Gimme some o' that sweet talk All I need is your sweet talk Fix my feet when they're stumbling

© 2020 METROLYRICS, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. When I'm up late and lonely Know what I can rely on (rely on) (Sweet talk, sweet talk) I'm gonna sweet talk you Gimme some o' that sweet talk

Yeah, I know you know 'em, Say baby, say to me I feel like I'm in ecstasy

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