whisky barrel adirondack chair

One question please, Do you think you could make a rocker with the staves or is the oak too hard to re-bend for a better curve. on Step 10. One barrel should be able to make one chair.

This inspired me to get off the sofa, next thing I needed to do was find a barrel, this was done from the sofa I found a company that sells used whisky barrels, amazingly they were only 20 km (12.5 miles) up the road from home. Supplies used...1 x Oak whisky barrelBox of 4x40 mm (1.57") Phillips screws28 x M6x20 mm (1/4-28 x 0.79") insert nuts28 x M6x20 mm (1/4-28 x 0.79") machine screws14 x steel brackets, 3 mm x 40 mm x 110 mm (0.12" x 1.57" x 4.33") these will be bent to fit as required500 ml (1 pint) of outdoor clear varnish. You very creative!

This is a superb way to make an Adirondack chair.

Be honest about the use. I just was thinking that your design would make a great rocker even if you used another kind of wood for the rockers. How old is your Bonsai, Good job on that too. Steven, BEAUTIFUL.

The place near me that sells them are £45 (US$ 56) but I have seen them online for £100+ (US$ 124). on Step 7. Once this was done I moved to a sanding disk on an angle grinder.My plan was to clean up the staves just enough to make them usable but still maintained the look of an old whisky barrel.

This will change the angle of the front legs a bit but have more wood to bite with the screws. Each bracket was bent in my bench vice, set half in the jaws and 'tapped' with a hammer to shape. Trim the pieces to fit the angles scribed and screw in place. This means you will need to remove the char in order to have a clean surface. we have most designs available from Wine barrel wood, ON SALE the Best Whiskey Barrel Chairs in Southern California.

90cm H x 65cm W x 90cm L. I'm glad you have a sense of humor. 12 months ago Arrange the staves for the seat. You may need to sand the inside more aggressively.

I didn't have any red wine barrels available at the time of making this so I used white wine barrels. I try to keep things as simple as possible. Many use wine barrels to impart different flavors in their beer or spirits but, like at wineries, these barrels have a limited lifespan. 4 months ago. We added a notch in the arm to hold a wine glass.

Can I ask how much does it cost for an old barrel? Do you have a winery?I have a vision of sitting in one of these chairs while drinking the wine that aged in that chair’s barrel. It was, however, a little big for shorter people. On several very bad staved I used the wood eraser (Angle Grinder with 24grit sanding pad). Remember - you don't need anything that will hold liquid so it can be super gross and old. Buffalo Trace, Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Woodford Reserve just to name a few. If your choice of beverage is Wine over Bourbon, we have most designs available from Wine barrel wood too. I love the way red wine barrels look. BE VERY CAREFUL, THIS PROJECT MAY LEAD YOU TO BUILDING OTHER PIECES AND THIS CAN BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR MARRIAGE! Have you done an instructable on your pallet wood builds?As it happens I belong to a southern England cult that allows us to have 3 wives... No, just joking one wife is more than enough . I siggest using a shorter screw depending on the thickness of the staves. Drill through the face of the front leg into the end of the rear leg. I wish I could claim it was an original idea but I've seen them a couple times before.

4 months ago. Yes they are longer but the staves are two inches thick when combined.2.

Be careful not to split the wood. It probably goes without saying but try to select the staves with the best insides for the seat and back. Make sure to use at least two screws in each side to keep the chair from twisting. Be warned, these bands are under quite a bit of tension and will spring off with quite a force when cut through.Removing the last one is good fun though.I used a 1 mm (0.039") zip disk in the angle grinder. Add the second screw to the wider staves to help with torsional stability. I didn't want to remove too much of the staining from the hoops.

The M6 insert nuts I was using called for an 8 mm (0.31") wide 20 mm (0.79") deep hole. Since I got the barrels for free the total cost was about $13. I declined to make the joints perfect and instead simply mitered the angles so they would be close. The back and legs can exert a lot of torque on the screws until the rest of the supports are in place. thanks! You will likely want to seal the chair to keep them looking nice.

Answer I like the design and it looks comfortable to!

Set aside the the stave with the bunghole for the face of the seat.

This step of the project was no fun at all.MY WORD, IT'S MESSY.Part of the process of bourbon and whisky making is that they are stored in burnt barrels.Because these are pre-loved barrels the inside face of the staves are charred and the outside are rusty where the bands sat for years.I removed as much of the charring as possible using a combination of wood and metal scrapers.

By using barrel staves you can build a unique adirondack at an affordable price. Custom WordPress Ecommerce Websites by ZENTHREE, Subscribe to our list for exclusive discounts & design previews.

Did you make this project?

The height is set so that my arms are in a comfortable position and level when sat.They are secured in place with a single bracket to the front blue leg and another bracket to the back support middle cross member. 2 wide staves for the rear legs/seat support. Thank you.

Beautiful! I've been meaning to make an Adirondack chair for a while now. I made sure to it up before using.

Looks great. We have shipped all over the world and have been in business with Stone Brewing Company ever since. I got them from a construction site for free. There are enough in a barrel for one chair and some leftovers. Reply The excess was cut off with a Japanese pull saw.

It will save you time sanding and finishing later. Thanks for the reply. 3.


This is perhaps the most difficult step.

You will not need the hoops or heads for this project but they may be useful for building something else like a mobile, wreath or tiny Dyson Ring. The arms and back are full length staves.

on Introduction. When cutting the staves - ALWAYS BE SAFE. The oak is hard and you may find that the corners are too sharp. The next step was to decide on the layout for the back and seat.This bit was tricky as I only had a couple of images to go off, none with measurements.I wanted to make sure the seat fitted me (this was going to be my chair) so I sat on another chair with my feet flat on the ground and measured to the inside of my knee. Yes I drilled pilot holes. on Introduction, I made one using these instructions and it came out great. I would love to see it if you do end up using staves for a rocker Steven, Hi Steve, Love the story about your tree.

I am working on a concept to add joints tgat will allow me to adjust the angle of the back. About: Gadget fan, woodworker, photographer, husband, cyclist, kayaking SUP riding real ale drinker who does a bit of bouldering. Hold the leg braces in place and scribe the angles in the wood.

About: Lean something about everything and everything about something. 6. Whiskey, rum, tequila, etc. Maybe you're not the first, but your end result is magnificent! 2 years ago. Adirondack Chairs are comfortable, iconic lawn furniture that are timelessly popular. Required fields are marked *.

Pallet wood sounds good as it has some nice flat edges, there wasn't a single flat edge on the barrel staves.

I purchased 1 5/8" stainless steel screws and they were so soft they stripped like cutting butter. Wine barrels would acutally be a little easier as they aren't burnt before use. From what I have seen, these last options seem to be the most expensive and shipping barrels isn't cheap. I used the inch n 5/8s as prescribed and had several go through. All whiskey barrel staves are cleaned and sanded then finished with Brazilian Rosewood Oil. Love the chair!!! Around the top and bottom there were grooves called a croze, this had some paint and sealant in, I also cleaned most of this out with the sanding disk.All this sanding makes a huge amount of dust, WEAR A MASK ! Keep in touch to be the first to find out about sales and new products! I do have a few suggestions.

My husband and I followed your plans and made one on Easter...it turned out great! 1.

First Prize in the Creative Misuse Contest. 7 months ago.

While browsing Pinterest I stumbled across these chairs from Hungarian Workshop a company… My wife's chair is nearly done now too, just the varnishing to do and it will be ready for bottoms.I made a few design changes to this one that I think makes it work a little better.This one has stainless steel bracketry, a fan rather than the straight back and one special tweak to suit my wife, it has a wine glass holder cut into the arm. I have been handcrafting these barrel chairs and other barrel furniture since 2012. I made the chairs in 2015 and they are still strong as ever though much darker in color now. The two backrest styles we offer are what I call Open Top or Closed Top.

Reply The ends of the staves that make up the front of the seat/legs, I recommend cutting the angled ends off to 90° (in other words, flatten the end).

Measurements... You credit me with too much I just laid the cardboard up against the wood and marked it with a pencil. I then cut out the cardboard with scissors and bend the bracket to that shape. The oak sucks up the color from the wine and turns a beautiful purple. I then measured from my the inside of my knee to my back, this was 435 mm (1' 5⅛") and my seat depth.I was now able to choose the staves to use and set the seat layout.FYI I'm 172.5 cm (5ft 8ins) and these measurements are spot on for me.I made an error when screwing the seat staves onto the red legs, I originally used a single screw but this allowed the legs to skew, adding a second screw on each stave made it rock solid.Now I had the seat in place I was able to attach the red to blue legs, this was done using one of the metal brackets. These barrels have quite the story, they are originally made and used in the southern US for storing and ageing bourbon, after a year they are sent to Scotland where they are then used to age whisky for a further three years. Inch n1/4 is probably better. Our Whiskey Barrel Adirondack Chairs come with two backrest options, interior leather upholstery with seven colors to choose from and a rocking chair version as well. At some point even the best cared after barrel will become a 'garden barrel.'. The last stave will rest against the back of the chair. All edges are rounded smooth for a perfectly comfortable reclaimed lounge chair. The inside of the barrel may be cracked or blistered. I have not done an instructable but maybe I should think about it. Also, the seat was due to be spending its life outdoors to I applied the outdoor varnish.The legs and arms got three coats of varnish, the seat and back got four coats.I picked the specific varnish I used because it had a drying time allowing only 4 hours between coats.

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