who is eraser in memorist

Anyone who guessed the Eraser is woman, Yeah you are right. Meh~, co gracia Apr 15 2020 5:07 am The whole sequence is thrilling to watch, and you can feel your heart racing, knowing that the good guys are finally able to get some traction against the heinous Park Ki Dan.

i dont understand why people dislike the plot of this drama. SPOILER - Like other commenters, I too was tipped off regarding Seo Hee-Soo, because she was getting slightly more airtime than a peripheral character should, plus that encounter where the muddled voice was kinda female was too telling. This Is Absolutely A Masterpiece. The ratings doesn't matter as long as I enjoyed watching this drama. All the characters played well esp the trio (DongbaekXSehoonXKyungtan) with miss Han.YSH gave his best he never failed us onto his valuable acting, all of them deserved the best! AbbyChang May 03 2020 5:15 pm abigailxxx Apr 22 2020 10:39 am I only hang in there because of YSH. Darlyne May 10 2020 9:36 pm Meerr May 01 2020 5:46 am //]]>. mariah Apr 04 2020 10:25 pm Two more eps to go. Why yall too weak? Some might say it's too confusing to watch but all you need is to pay attention on every details, the drama has a logic of its own. © AsianWiki.com. If I didn't read the comments, i wouldn't see the similarity with '' he is psychometric''. Holy Apr 10 2020 2:06 pm Just love the whole plot twist. Dee Mar 27 2020 1:02 am Whenever he touches somebody, he can read that person's memory. memorist kdrama is so confusing. Chuchu Apr 05 2020 8:07 am But, when i try to imagine me myself on his shoes, well i won't be able to hold back I guess. Fanwar Apr 09 2020 10:34 pm Awesome this drama ???

+++ 6 eps left and there are still no romance? He can see people memories, a.k.a. SPOILER! W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="+W4GRB.pid[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); This drama will kill me literally. I enjoyed it so much. This K-drama had me guessing for the past five days. in the 4/5 eps?

Also, he's on the top 3 main characters but he seldom appears in any of the scenes. With the advent of new characters and clues, they are approaching closer to catching him, but a bigger crisis comes to Dong Baek, who showed abnormal symptoms using his memory scanning superpower. Its very interesting the story makes my heart jump. anyone who has seen it needs to know who is Eraser! May 01 2020 7:07 am Cristina Apr 27 2020 11:57 pm I'm agree with Kimchi.

Very shocking revelation.. nice story. Yes Please!!! i am so excited love u oppa. I wish I could also read memories to find my lost phone ? Every week, the chills that every episode gave me. random eraser Apr 17 2020 2:46 am I'm so curious who is going to be the murderer.

heol! Keeps you on your toes. & Dong Baek also got that ability also, erase his memory. The villain is also very smart, whoever he is. Please view their chemistry, including Yoo Seung Ho following Lee Se Young's goofing, on social media. Try thinking whether you yourself will be able to stay cold headed if you can do what he do and are a detective. Are you curious as to who the Eraser is? this is like those tiktok povs, Balbina Mar 25 2020 6:08 pm The storyline doesn't make sense at all. a great and intense thriller drama!

Combine it with a good case, good writing and a good teamwork. One thing that bugged me in this hella interesting and twisting drama is how come (Ep.11) they didn't bother to take the blood sample of the "Eraser" when he bled after being shot by Dong Baek when the Eraser jumped off the building after killing Jin Jae-Gyu? Ari Apr 22 2020 5:20 pm

I thought this drama is draggy but its absolutely not. Diwatae May 01 2020 8:29 am It would be "funny" , if one of them is the Eraser/murderer. It would be a shame if this drama was just 1 season.

Hwaiting. This deserves a season 2!! However, the unending plot twists saved it all. It also gives off a bit of vagabond vibes imo because of its pace and sudden turns. Every scene was intense and I guess it was well-conceptualized by the writers. The production crew shared, “Dong Baek and Han Sun Mi will join hands to catch Eraser whose whereabouts are unknown. A fun and exciting one of Yoo Seung Ho. Please make a romance scene! I also never post comments on kdrama websites.

There was also an epilogue scene where Sunmi did a ceremony honouring those people who died. Another level ...wow it's fascinating... extra-you Apr 06 2020 12:55 am Instead, he is with his intended target all the while. The suspense really has you gripping your seat, and the sound effects were on-point. Yoo Seung Ho and Lee Se Young will be getting one step closer to the mysterious “Eraser” in “Memorist”!. [SPOILERS].

I'm struggling to finish it. I assume that the eraser can't leave that city/country, he should be in the police force or smt that can't take his time off. SPOLIERS AHEAD DONT CONTINUE IF NOT WANTED!!!!! i have to point it out that this drama has sooo many flaws.

1000% I trust dong baek is not the eraser. With no romance or comedy it will be boring. I'll give a proper review once I'm finished, but I haven't felt THIS thrilled in awhile. overall this is a great thiller drama. 22:50 time slot previously occupied by ", Based on webcomic "Memorist" by Jae Hoo (published from October 15, 2016 to January 20, 2018 by. it's so sad that i have to pursue my dream to become a soldier so i might never have a chance to watch this again. xxabixx Apr 22 2020 3:13 am Hmmm. If "Eraser" is Dong Baek's sister and she loved him, why did she try to challenge him at countless times? why the eraser did that to him? Yy Mar 31 2020 11:09 am He seems to be hiding something. This drama is killing each eps.

I love it ?? I just want to clarify who is the girl that Dong Baek met in the rooftop of their school(I guess). but I'm satisfied enough to see them in one scene together at the end hehe. He is the executioner. I don't understand at ep 5, why Dong Baek said it is a trap for that girl???? Hes fuking brainless....too rash to take action...kinda stupid in collecting evidence...who tf wrote this, Dodo Mar 20 2020 3:23 am Sin Mi Lover May 02 2020 1:57 pm I will be always interested with YSH's drama whatever his character is. moonbinz Apr 09 2020 4:14 am

I think it's not far-fetched that Lee Shin-Woong could be the killer.

Giusy Apr 17 2020 3:32 am I freaking knew it!!! Hence, it's good to see another former idol getting out of their shell. Yoon Ji On and Go Chang Suk plays Yoo Seung Ho’s partners, Oh Se Hoon and Koo Kyung Tan, respectively. Yasmin Apr 30 2020 10:31 pm

Totally recommends it. Okey there's some holes at this moment but it can be solved in the next episodes that left. Great drama! Low rating. There have been plenty of red herrings so far, but our trusty superpowered Dong Baek (Yoo Seung Ho) and our genius profiler Han Sun Mi (Lee Se Young) are gradually chipping away at larger mystery while also shouldering the pain of solving their respective parents’ murders. New drama of Yoo seung ho never excites me 'til im not a robot hopefully this drama is not a plot that we all think it is, naeema Jan 09 2020 4:28 pm It also has a lot of scenes dragging the time.

You will keep on wanting to watch more of the episodes to see how they solve the puzzle. There is romance on the story line? and why he took the other detectives car to go to that girl, tere's the car he drove before at the parrking lott ?? Hope this show gets better ratings soon. Chruch, religion, politics, tired of those themes.

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