wii u n64 emulator

The emulator can be controlled with any combination of GC controllers, Classic Controllers, Wiimotes with Nunchuks and even just Wiimotes. works with ini, some music and slowdown on certain areas, pal version works with less slowdowns. Title screen works 100% but ingame stages has major glitches, including leftover text trails and in-displayable area. Black screen, I could go out to Home Menu. Xena: Warrior Princess: The Talisman of Fate, Requires Japanese ROM header, or it softlock after the Nintendo logo.

The floor in Tower of Ruins also has missing textures in a few spots. - YouTube UPDATE: Game requires MemPak = 1 entry in the ini settings for game to save, updated ini settings. Black screen on boot. Compatibility list … Windows 7 (x64) or above OpenGL 4.5 or Vulkan 1.1 RAM: 4 GB minimum, 8 GB or more recommended Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 X64 Redistributable: vc_redist.x64.exe. You cannot see numbers on them on the table. System crashes after Mario head intro, missing voice over sound. Game boots fine but freezes wiiu when starting levels. Title menu screen gfx is messed up, after pressing Start, the rest of the menu's is fine. Change the player on the GamePad to access the different debugging options. Then open the Mario Party 2 ini and change the backup type to 0 and backupsize to 2048. Tried various bases and config INI settings, system crashes after character selection screen, works fine using Wii N64 Emulators. Small graphical glitches during the map overview before the turns are decided, and during pausing. Game works fine however you will not be able to see the tetris pieces fall, you will eventually see it when it falls to the bottom of the screen, unplayable. whenever it tries to load a map it crashes, making the game IMPOSSIBLE to play. Exceptions include the Rareware logo during the game's title screen, the blue background on the Rumble Pak screen, the statistics for the characters and part of the intro. Minor graphic glitches, graphics missing at car selection screen, black screen for a few moments before the race starts, playable, tested on Loadiine GX2, No sound, graphic glitches, system freezes when race starts, adding ini settings will get black screen on boot and system freeze, tested on Loadiine GX2. {{ WiiU VC Inject | name = ... | region = USA/EUR/JAP | host = WiiU VC | ini = link | status = Doesn't Work/Works/Issues | notes = please add a note if needed}}, [Minor issues] Text is dimmed on the pause menu and HUD. Same audio issues as DK64, uses point-sampling for audio. It almost runs perfectly but the blur effect is glitched in some cutscenes and when you access the shop.

Nothing loads but the VC menu can be opened. Once the Homebrew Channel launches, the Wii64 emulator on the SD card will take a second to two to load depending on the amount of applications that are on the card.

New ini provided fixes all or most issues the game had before. Mario's Nightmare 64 (Super Mario 64 romhack). Freezes Wii U. Apply the "subscreen fix" patch first. the game stops working after selecting New Game, Super Smash Bros. rom hack by Smash Remix Team. Boots into black screen, system hangs, tested on Loadiine GX2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Randomizer, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Debug ROM). unplayable, tested on Loadiine GX2, Works perfectly with just retracebyvsync=1 and mempak=1. Black screen on boot. Save State recommended for saving.

Tiny gfx glitchs when entering boards loadiine V4 tested.There is an original release by nintendo of mario party 2 wich runs perfectly. Otherwise it plays fine (story mode tested). RedNAND-ready inject made using. Taisen Puzzle Dama Toukon! Sound and graphics largely work, but mega vitamins do not display while in motion, rendering the game essentially unplayable. open the rom with an hex editor and replace CFZE for CFZJ and use the F Zero X J config file already made by nintendo, seems to work perfectly. Super Portal 64 (Rom hack by Kaze Emanuar). Check out http://www.emulatemii.com for the latest news on the progress of this emulator, featuring regular updates and in-depth technical posts on the progress and current features. The game is playable, but there is no background at all (Title screen, story mode, during gameplay. ini provided provides minor render improvements, less artifacts around 2D sprites. Loadiine GX2. Graphic … You can hear Konami logo and sound, but no image, only black screen, you can exit to Wii U Menu though. Temporary softlock when a character is chosen until sound comes. Black screen, you can go back to Home Menu. Minor flickering in the hub and cursor is invisible.

Boots into startup logo, then system freezes, tested on Loadiine GX2. Most items such as chairs and weapons are black, others like piles of hay are invisible; game otherwise works. Tried various bases, some have same issue while other bases the games has missing gfx at the intro and the game is very slow, around 10fps. Game Runs OK but has no sound , to fix the weapons seeing glitch use useViewportZScale = 1 on the ini but still no sound.. Boots to black screen, system hangs, tried several base roms, tested varios settings in the config ini file, same result. This has slightly higher compatibility than the Wii N64 VC it seems, but beware complaints about washed-out ... Option 2: vWii N64 VC with injects. Loadiine GX2. Template Boots to black screen, tried various ini settings. Edit the header name and id with an hex editor to match castlevania 2, seems to play perfectly.

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