357 magnum ar

Smoothest DA and a super clean trigger break in SA. The Model 60 is a 5 shot DA/SA stainless steel “J” frame revolver. its all subjective and opinions we all have them just like a holes. My daughter liked it and now she is downright deadly with it. They will still print their location if you wear loose clothes and use a good holster.

the ruger redhawk also sold out thats how i found the s&w 627 all steel gun, While I would agree with most of this article, as a dedicated SA revolver person, I think you should have touched on the Ruger Blackhawk a little more. You can choose between 3, 4, and 6-inch barrels. i talked to a guy who has done it and i know how to make it work if i can find someone with the tools, the know how, and the balls to take on this kind of project. The model 627 Tracker has been one of the nicest shooting revolvers I've fired. When I hear .357 Magnum, I immediately think, "COLT PYTHON"!!! I’ve owned the Taurus and loved it but wasn’t old enough to really appreciate it but it was beautiful and worked great.


Finally, in 1997, Taurus bought out the Rossi company. Aside from being much more powerful, the .357 Magnum round also needed a 1/8 inch longer case to hold more gunpowder. You get most of the oomph of 357, but can still conceal easily. We normally include at least one high-end option, partly for perspective and partly because they are nice to look at. Workin' On Our Night Moves Night Shooting Helmet Setup Overview. I reload .38 Special for target shooting and the heavy frame is just right for the recoil of the .357 cartridge. Copyright © 2020 Pew Pew Media, Inc. All rights reserved. (Never did get rid of that guy's flinch, but he retired as a major anyway.) Then, as now, everyone wanted more powerful ammo. Over priced at best, "suck" not hardly. According to the S&W web site, "Today's K-Frame is available in .22 LR, .357 Magnum and .38 S&W Special." Tromix used the build them, from what I can tell, they were the first to do so, or at least offer them commercially. The second Smith & Wesson company was formed in 1856. both good weapons.I have a 686 with a 4” barrels.I have had it close to 30 years,and still love it.Even today when I unlimber it at the range with full power a,MMO the range ,someone is bound to come up,and say” Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited. My opinion. In other words, sure - a Bugatti is one of the pinnacles of cars. While these guns are powerful, their large size and heavy weight make them harder to conceal. TF. Long live the mighty K frame. Pure and simple. I have heard from my local gun dealer that they can easily pull $3,000. S&W Model 27 I shoot exclusively reloads now, but 357 or 38spc both run excellent in it. Eighty-three years later, the Model 27 is still in production.

no just the 627 almost the same gun so he used that one, and i agree with that choice. I own 2 S&W Mod. My 2nd revolver was a Rhino.

Trigger was good out of the box, after about 5,000 rounds it was outstanding!

Hey Jeremy, thanks for the rec...a Rhino is on my list of revolvers to try!

It was an upscaled version of the Security-Six, DA/SA revolver.

Back in the day, it was, by far, the absolute best out-of-the-box revolver on the market...PERIOD!!

The Model 60 is an excellent concealed carry revolver if you want a lot of firepower in a small package. Finally, Winchester Repeating Arms produced the first .357 ammo available for consumer use.

The lower recoil is due to the Desert Eagle’s gas piston, rotating bolt operating system similar to that used in the AK-47. They have successfully created large, small, and medium frame stainless steel revolvers.

It comes in 2 ¼ inch, 3 1/16 inch, and 4 inch, barrel lengths, which make it a favorite of people looking for a small magnum gun. Love all of them. Carried OWB people can definitely notice you have a gun if closely observing or if your jacket opens up a little bit which is why I mention different carry gfuns for different situations. ever made, the Ruger Security Six. Purchased this gun in 1985 and have never had a single problem with it. They also have polymer .357 Magnums. While I own a number of different pistols, I love my revolvers for their simplicity, reliability, and accuracy.

The 27 has a six-round cylinder, an overall length of 9.3 inches and weighs 42 ounces. Not obsolete - maybe not as popular as they were, but not obsolete. When combined with a clear idea about what you plan to use the revolver for, it will be easier to know what to expect.

*to be pedantic, Americans people often pronounce "Windicator" as intuitively spelled for us "WIN"-dicator; but being a German gun, it's pronounced "VIN-dicator", same as the English word "vindicate." Manurhin and Korth are also completely unobtainable for the vast majority of people. One also must consider whether today's .357 Magnum revolvers are as good as or worse than the giants upon whose shoulders they stand.

I've been giving it some thought......and while probably doable the first requirement you'll have to ditch is a modified AR mag......I'd look to some of the existing semi auto .357 mags and a magwell adaptor..........first step is to make a barrel and test breech and see if the ammount of unsupported case can be minimized to prevent blowout.....probably have to turn down the bolt face and then extend the barrel breech into the barrel extension....or maybe design a whole new system..... start looking for AR smiths that do custom/special uppers. I think the rhino has it won hands down ,design reduces recoil ,still shoot my pythons and a bunch of distinguished combat magnums by s& w but the rhino is my favorite because of reduced recoil.

I LIKE THE S&W 686 AND SURPRISED YOU DID NOT MENTION IT.DO YOU SEE A PROBLEM WITH IT. If I could only have one revolver off this list, it would be the GP100. And when this article was written S&W were producing their new K frames that have been reinforced through the forcing cone area. But having said that, it's way more accurate than I am, and it never has any issues with anything. My last 3 handguns have all been revolvers. Keep 'em coming. Basically, single action is where you have to manually cock the hammer before firing…like in Westerns.

or if anyone would be willing to make one?

The GP-100 was introduced in 1985 to replace this series. Easy to conceal carry, highly accurate and heavy enough to handle full power loads.

But if you're looking for something to get you from A to B, Toyota, Honda, even BMW will still do that just as effectively and at a price point that is accessible. This gave them control of Beretta’s tooling and design drawings. Excellent price too.

All 3 were extremely accurate and reliable. My kimber1911,45 ultra carry 2, &metro arms 1911 .45 hard chrome are too big for carrying ideally and my beretta 9mm is to.


We’ve built dozens of AR’s and we’ll cover all the best AR-15 upgrades such as handguards, triggers, BCGs, gas blocks, and more. I haven't dealt with those yet though! The problem with reviews of the BEST .357 Magnum revolvers is that the reviewers tend to be in the pockets of the advertisers.

No mention of the CZ /Dan Wesson revolvers? You will get better accuracy in rapid fire on the second and third shots. It has a 2 ¼ inch underlug barrel and exposed hammer. It was first designed with a 158-grain semi-jacketed soft point( flat) bullet. I have no complaints against the Taurus revolvers except for the polymer 357, for obvious reasons--those are two words that simply don't belong together. Powerful. I couldn’t put the Rhino down fast enough. It is also very comfortable to fire and remains stable with light recoil. Ruger also manufactures .357 Magnum revolvers including the Blackhawk and the Vaquero. Recommended: The World’s Most Secretive Nuclear Weapons Program. Never had it not go BANG and cycle properly when shooting.

The .357 Magnum cartridge is a revolver round with a .357 inch bullet diameter. I was in my twenties and knew nothing. There wait time on a new order just went from 5 weeks to 12. just thought i would share an update,. Kyle Mizokami is a defense and national-security writer based in San Francisco who has appeared in the Diplomat, Foreign Policy, War is Boring and the Daily Beast.

Effective. :-). We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. Smith & Wesson’s first .357 Magnum revolvers became available in 1934. Unlike the original LCR’s aluminum frame, the LCR 357 is made with a 400 series stainless steel frame in order to withstand the higher pressures of the magnum round.

The extra length prevents the revolver’s cylinder from closing and locking into place.

Each of the revolvers that I prefer features a DA/SA mechanism. Smith & Wesson has produced the Model 27 with different barrel lengths over the years, from four inches to ten-and-five-eighths, but the rest of the revolver has remained largely the same. Finally, Winchester Repeating Arms produced the first .357 ammo available for consumer use. It is possible to wear out or break important parts of the revolver under these loads. Both shoot very well.

This revolver features a 6 shot cylinder, DA/SA action, blue steel finish. Thanks for the rec, Colin! And the Ruger GP100 7-shot with 4” barrel. i wondered why he did put the 327 performance center on here 627 comes in and the performance center also. It shoots both .38.

But not a lot of them in brush killing much.

It comes in 2 ¼ inch, 3 1/16 inch, and 4 inch, barrel lengths, which make it a favorite of people looking for a small magnum gun. It will list just about every 357 magnum, new and used for you to look at. Stock springs on the 101 are pretty stout for the ergonomics but a wonderful piece and I also own a Colt Trooper MKIII with a 4” barrel and target trigger and hammer. There are three revolvers types in the “J” Frame series. Price puts them out of reach for many people. I have owned 2 Model 66s (6 shot), with 4 “ barrels and a 2” Model 606 (not 605).

7 Best .357 Magnum Revolvers [Proven Stopping Power]. He is focused on helping others protect themselves and their loved ones, and getting the most out of their time at the range. That's it. For a small person, it fits me like a glove and is a beast that with the right ammo can do any kind of shooting you want to do. The best current production available, especially the 5 inch 686 performance 7 shot revolver. I paid 350-400 dollars for the king cobras and only 300 for the python. I have a 4" GP100 match champion that shoots like a dream.

I also owed a Ruger Blackhawk w/6 1/2” barrel.

In history, Colt is usually given credit for making single shot pistols obsolete. You can also get match grade wood grips and adjustable sights. In 2010, Ruger followed up with a larger LCR chambered in .357 Magnum.

Great article. They will still print their location if you wear loose clothes and use a good holster.

I think the GP 100 is a better all-around gun.

A 357 lever gun will get you sort of close to where you want to go. Spare mags are $60. Check out our review of the Super Redhawk! Fred is an old hand when it comes to firearms. and a colt would not even be on my list.

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