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Jinpa and Kyoshi flew to Capital Island with Huazo, the noblewoman complaining about her hunger. Chin refused to move and thus fell to his death when the land split apart. Female The spirit requested blood from each of them to tell, but when it reached for Kyoshi, Yun regained control of his body and pushed her away. Slaves were being taken from their homes and Shaak Ti, Kyoshi, and 10 Clone ARC Troopers had to get them back and arrest the people who took them. Kyoshi began to panic, but Hei-Ran, knowing her daughter better, told Kyoshi that Rangi would soon show the Avatar that she still cared. The Big Guy: He is described as being around Kyoshi's height, which is quite a feat considering how tall she was. However, Rangi woke up in time and broke the man's leg, establishing herself as the new champion. When Chin attempted to conquer her part of the Earth Kingdom, Kyoshi used her earthbending to split apart the land, moving it far out to sea as it's own island. Successor She asked about the rest of his memories, but Kuruk dourly told her there was little else to see.

Kyoshi told her what happened and that she had to leave, before hastily packing her few things, including the chest and journal her parents left with her when they left her in Yokoya, and the clay turtle she picked from the toys used to determine the Avatar years ago. They also erected a large totem, topped with a statue of Kyoshi in her memory.[8]. Known to have had romantic relationships with both men and women. Before departing, Kyoshi warned the Keohso from instigating a fight, though they stated that as loyalists, they should not be disciplined. Kyoshi began to apologize for stealing Yun's Avatarhood, bringing a hand to his chest to seemingly comfort him. Kyoshi was urged by Kelsang to run before he attacked Jianzhu to buy her time. When the noblewoman denied any connection with him, Kyoshi intimidated her by bending her ferry in the air with a giant wave, which she proceeded to freeze. Kyoshi had little respect for much of the world's ruling elites and, accordingly, was willing to threaten them. She became a padawan to the Jedi Master Shaak Ti. Nickelodeon The Legend of Korra – Turf Wars #1 - Part One.

Avatar Kyoshi was a Female Jedi Grand Master and Avatar hailing from the planet of Shili, serving the Galactic Republic as the Head of the Jedi Council. Pointing out her heavy armor, he believed that she had been cursed by her newfound Avatar duties. Rangi stepped forward with a ferocious fire attack that startled everyone present. I changed my guesses.

The Spirit World reconstructed itself, and Kuruk motioned to touch Kyoshi. Kyoshi had a difficult early life.

[9], Kyoshi was born in the year 312 BG[4] somewhere in the Earth Kingdom.

Kyoshi reminded him that her forceful ending of Chin the Conqueror's war for dominance brought a great era of peace. Nevertheless, these efforts had little impact. Kyoshi grew disgusted upon learning about this fact and angrily told him that his name belonged in the gutter with hers.

[13] Kelsang always provided for Kyoshi when he was in Yokoya, but often had to leave the village for long periods of time, during which he provided money to various farming families to look after her until he returned. Nyahitha warned of the curse of all who learned of Father Glowworm's name, to the skepticism of Rangi. While managing to do well against the champion, Rangi took a blow that knocked her out after looking into Kyoshi's eyes, leaving Kyoshi feeling helpless as she watched her friend nearly get killed. Origin Avatar Kyoshi was the avatar from 400 years before Aang.. Aang, Katara, and Sokka stopped on Kyoshi Island to ride the Elephant Koi. "The Southern Air Temple"(statue and painting)"The Avatar State"(vision)"Avatar Day"(actual) With their leader free, the group declared themselves restored. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Later on, the Flying Opera Company was called in on a job by the Autumn Bloom, another daofei group that rose to power after the fall of the Yellow Necks, to whom the Flying Opera Company were indebted after they saved Lek's life. Kyoshi is the only Avatar known to have had difficulty mastering her birth element. I have the feeling that the adults are giants. [19] She felt losing control and the past Avatars leading her actions, which led Kyoshi to use a combination of raw power and the Avatar State,[20] to lift parts of the seafloor with earthbending, a surprising feat even a master earthbender cannot perform. Before he could reemerge, Kyoshi fled back to the Avatar mansion. Kyoshi showed an extraordinary level of aptitude with the last method. Huazo gleefully agreed, believing that Kyoshi was making a colossal mistake, and asked her guards to send word to the other clans. Age Kyoshi began to disparage Kuruk, but Nyahitha told her they were more alike than they thought, both being stubborn, idolizing Yangchen, and having little emotional control. [8], When helping Aang to reconnect with her and his other predecessors after being shot down by Azula's lightning, she apologized to him for the wrongful murder charge in Chin Village and explained that after Chin's demise, she helped the world live in balance; she accomplished a lot of good but also made mistakes, one of which was the creation of the Dai Li, as she could never have foreseen how corrupt and cruel they would become. Kyoshi continued to hold the building up until all civilians got out, and then left the village as the local law enforcement attempted to apprehend her. Avatar Kyoshi appears in 1 issues. Kyoshi Island, Earth Kingdom The second method consisted of the past life taking over her body to speak to another on her behalf rather than direct communication. Eventually, she decided to train the women in defensive combat so that they could defend themselves. Fighting styles This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Incensed by her defiance, the Earth King ordered his guards to arrest her. Weapon of choice At that moment, a fox appeared from a nearby bush, guiding Kyoshi to a spring in a nearby forest. I don't think 7 feet or more or stretching it at all. They acknowledged that they would not be able to stop taking risks now that they were on the run. [22] The young Avatar fell unconscious for a short moment, and Xu continued to fire several more blasts of lightning at her seemingly lifeless body while accusing her of ungratefulness. [10], When Kyoshi was five or six, however, her parents decided to leave her in the care of a villager at Yokoya Port,[10] an impoverished community of farmers and fishers located on a peninsula at the Whaletail Strait in the southwestern Earth Kingdom. Kyoshi responded that she could not commune with her past lives yet, but Hei-Ran proposed meeting with Nyahitha in North Chung-Ling so Kyoshi could commune with the Avatar. [28] When the pair reached the city, they landed at the main gate to the Fire Nation Royal Palace, where Rangi stood there waiting for her, greeting the Avatar with a passionate kiss. Kyoshi was the first Avatar to create a new landmass via her bending when she separated her peninsula from the mainland, creating Kyoshi Island. He explained that he never intended to hurt her, as she was the only one innocent in the entire affair. [14] One night while sorting through them, Yun placed his head in her lap as the two joked around. http://avatar.wikia.com/wiki/File:Chin_facing_Kyoshi.png. Kyoshi was glad to see the former headmistress in better health and resolved to find who was responsible for the poisoning. Kyoshi is the earthbender in the opening sequence of The Legend of Korra. Later that same year, Kyoshi was able to remain fully aware of her heightened powers while in the Avatar State when she consciously dueled and killed Xu Ping An. Her body froze, but she managed to chase after Yun, trying to hit him with her war fans but missed. When she realized that his shock had changed into hateful dismay without regret, she realized that he would never change his ways. [52][68][7] By her forties, she would no longer "take any BS from anyone".

[10] Nevertheless, she grew extraordinarily tall, and was already taller than many teenagers at age seven. After regaining control, the devastated Avatar took Lek's corpse to the healer's house, informing Wong, Kirima, and Lao Ge of what had happened. The pair then crudely put on a substitution of their signature makeup with blood, and began to jet-step with firebending, propelling them forward to Yun without touching the earth. Aang regretted consulting Kyoshi on this complex matter after hearing her advice. Kyoshi's only known child and daughter, Koko, succeeded her as governor of Kyoshi Island and eventually became famous in her own right, having had, Avatar Kyoshi's legacy and work as Avatar has started two groups: the Kyoshi Warriors and the Dai Li, both of which Azula made use of to, Kyoshi, Roku, Aang, and Korra are all known to have defied the leaders of their respective nations: Kyoshi, at first, refused to aid the 46th Earth King when he asked her to intervene in the peasant uprising in Ba Sing Se; Roku nearly killed, Kyoshi is shown as the earthbender in the opening sequence of. Overall, her demeanor and opinions alienated many members of the country's elite, while the common people came to fear her. The two subsequently became good friends.[2]. In Japanese, 京士 is pronounced. As a result of Kyoshi's desire for organization and cleanliness, the staff eventually decided that her talents would best be put to use cleaning up after Yun as his servant, as he tended to leave quite a mess wherever he went. Rangi (Girlfriend)Yun (Formely)Kirima Lek Wong Lao Ge Jinpa Kelsang Hei-Ran Sifu Atuat Nyahitha Last appearance She lived until two hundred and thirty years of age.

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