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DONATE NOW. Regulatory Initiatives Designed to Protect the Microcap Market The field goal also tied the NFL record for most field goals by a rookie kicker at 35 with Ali Haji-Sheikh from 1983. We cover gold, silver, base and rare metals. ANA [Abstract], “Reservoir Performance Forecast on Wayang Windu Field Expansion Opportunity,” Riza PASIKKI, Boyke BRATAKUSUMA, Mulyadi [Abstract], “Electrical Resistance Study Between Well Casings at Reykjanes Geothermal Field,” [Presenter: Magnus Jonsson], Lilja MAGNUSDOTTIR, Magnus Thor JONSSON [Abstract] (Reserve), “Understanding the Pohang EGS Reservoir and the Need for Advanced Traffic Light Systems,” [Presenter: Peter Meier], Peter MEIER, Falko BETHMANN, Olivier ZINGG, Andres ALCOLEA, Dieter OLLINGER, Thessa TORMANN, Raymi CASTILLA [Abstract], “Induced Seismic and Aseismic Slip in EGS Reservoir: Case Studies from Alsace, France,” [Presenter: Jean Schmittbuhl], Olivier LENGLINE, Léna CAUCHIE, Jean SCHMITTBUHL [Abstract], “Forecasting Induced Seismicity and Maximizing Production of Electricity in EGS,” [Presenter: Dimitrios Karvounis], Dimitrios KARVOUNIS, Stefan WIEMER [Abstract], “Seismicity Observed During the Development of the Rittershoffen Deep Geothermal Field (France),” [Presenter: Emmanuel Gaucher], Emmanuel GAUCHER, Vincent MAURER, Marc GRUNBERG, Rike KOEPKE, Romain PESTOURIE, Nicolas CUENOT [Abstract], “Preliminary Results of the Seismicity Induced During the Stimulation of the Vendenheim Enhanced Geothermal System (France),” [Presenter: Emmanuel Gaucher], Emmanuel GAUCHER, Marine Jolivet, Mariane Peter-Borie [Abstract], “Seismicity Analysis with Spatial or Temporal Relation to the Deep Geothermal Project in Pohang, Korea,” [Presenter: Falko Bethmann], Falko BETHMANN, Dieter OLLINGER, Thessa TORMANN, Peter MEIER [Abstract] (Reserve), “Geothermal Surface Feature Catalogue of New Zealand: Implications for Geothermal Development in New Zealand,” [Presenter: Robert Reeves], Robert REEVES, Bart DAVIDS, Thomas BRAKENRIG, Penny DOORMAN, Freya CAMBURN [Abstract], “Soil CO2 Flux and Temperature Measurements in Kızıldere Geothermal Field,” Serhat KUCUK, Ali BASER, Onder SARACOGLU, Taylan AKIN, Erdinc Senturk, Mahmut Kaan Tuzen, Serhat AKIN [Abstract], “Geothermal Power Generation and Biodiversity: the Business Case for Managing Risk and Creating Opportunity,” [Presenter: Cheryl Ng], Cheryl NG, Thomas WHITE, Vineet KATARIYA and Edward POLLARD [Abstract], “Ecological Restoration of Construction Sites of Geothermal Power Plants,” [Presenter: Magnea Magnusdottir], Magnea MAGNUSDOTTIR [Abstract], “Landscape and Visual Assessments in Pre-Feasibility Design in Geothermal Power Projects, Landsvirkjun,” [Presenter: Bjork Gudmundsdottir], Bjork GUDMUNDSDOTTIR [Abstract], “Monitoring of Geothermal Vegetation in New Zealand, and the Effects of Geothermal Energy Extraction,” [Presenter: Sarah Beadel], Sarah BEADEL, Joanna MCQUEEN, Chris BYCROFT, Angela SIMPSON, Steve RATE, William SHAW [Abstract] (Reserve), “Thermoeconomic Analysis of Geothermal Power Cycles.

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