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The spectacular solid reds of the Bloodred are brightened to an intense solid red-orange, since Amelanism has removed all black pigmentation. Homozygous for Hypomelanism, Lavender and Diffusion/Bloodred. Kastanie is an interesting new recessive color mutation first discovered in Europe. aka Blizzard Bloodred. Having seen literally tens of thousands of corns in my lifetime, these are among the most uniquely colored corns I've encountered. This mutation traces it's origins far back in various morphs bred for intense reds, such as Okeetee and Bloodred, but wasn't officially recognized as unique until 2010.

Homozygous for Cinder, a recessive mutation.

Tend to develop much more reddish and orangish pigmentation than typical Anery Motleys, although this varies.

aka Red Albino Motley. A recessive mutation responsible for intensifying red. Intensely colored, with heavy black markings, some specimens from this area are very attractive corns. Homozygous for Amelanism, Charcoal, and either Hypo-Strawberry or Strawberry, three recessive mutations. With grayish pastel coloration and the eye-catching motley pattern combined, these are one of our best-sellers.

As with all striped corns, there is a tendency for the pattern to break up near the tail. Free Standard Shipping is available for first-time Repeat Delivery orders over $35. The newest and hottest pattern mutation yet, in the lovely yellow Butter coloration! Pricing: $135 and up, depending on sex and additional genetics. While it's unlikely her brother is carrying the trait and we'll produce some Leopards in the first generation, you never know! Bright red-orange blotches on a white to pink background with little or no orange in between.

A VMS first. Exclusions include JustFoodForDogs products; cat litter; dog litter; ice melter; wild bird food; live fish & rock; aquatic gravel and accents; crickets; live food and frozen food; out-of-stock items; Petco or Unleashed by Petco Gift Cards; items shipped through white glove delivery or LTL delivery; orders exceeding the maximum weight limit of 300 lbs.

To date, there are no known heritable lines of Paradox

Dilute was first discovered in the form of Dilute Anery Motleys, which are easiest to spot, and specimens not homozygous for Anery are still rather hard to come by as a result. Miami and Okeetee are both regional/selective variants of the Classic Corn. The first dominant pattern mutation discovered in cornsnakes, crossing a Tessera to ANY other corn will produce clutches containing roughly half Tesseras. Simply stunning, and a clutch of these mixed in with Striped Butters is absolutely jaw-dropping!

Insurance plans are marketed and offered by PetCoach, LLC. What Dog Foods Do Veterinarians Recommend? Peach is a very new and as yet uncommon mutation in captivity, and already many hot new morphs have been produced here using it.

The newest and hottest pattern mutation yet, combined with Ultramel! When confronted by a predator or threat, corn snakes vibrate their tails. Homozygous for Motley, Dilute and Bloodred, three recessive mutations.

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