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Q15. The Small Pox vaccine was discovered by – Ans -: Hepatitis-B Where are the Lachrymal glands situated in the human body? BMandible is the only movable bone in the skull of man.4. Q62. Kerosene is a mixture of . Q88. Ans -: Illumination Q90. Q59.

Ans -: Pulse The flow of energy in the Energy Pyramid is always .

(It remains unchanged) Q96.

The bio-gas used for cooking is a mixture of . Ans -: Wattmeter Ans -: 2.38 Km/s Which of the following have maximum calorific value? DFibula is a leg bone and is the thinnest in the human body. What is Blood Pressure and how it is measured? Ans -: 6 Human saliva contains the enzyme known as . Q69) What is the unit of Radioactivity? The Human Body. Ans: Dr. Ans: 2123/2123 Q87) The power of electric circuit is measured with a .

True or

Which Metal is naturally Anti-Bacterial? Ans -: From South to North Q20) is the purest form of Carbon found in Nature. Q45. Q44. The skeletal system is categorised in to axial and appendicular skeleton. Ans -: hydroxyapatite, a mineral compound of calcium and phosphate

The gland known as master gland in human body is the . Ans -: Dioptre Which is the first vaccine injected into a newly born baby? Ans -: Vinegar

How many bones are there in the human wrist? Propylene, What are the irregularly shaped, sticky colourless bodies in the blood which help to make it clot ? Q6) Which compound is used to prepare water proof clothes? Q14) Electric Motor converts the Electric energy into .

None of the aboveAns. Q5. Where are the Lachrymal glands situated in the human body? Q76.

Common Sense Test Questions - Part 23 of General Knowledge Quiz Human Body Quiz - Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1194 Administrator March 20, 2014 Quiz 6.

Ans -: Graphite Q99. What makes up 60-70% of human body weight? Ans: Epidermis TibiaD. Ans -: Barium Hydroxide Q36) What is the unit of measurement of an Angle? Ans: Insulin Q57. Q98. Ans -: Water Ans -: Electro-negative is created by Alloying Iron and Chromium. Which hormone is used as an oral contraceptive? All of the aboveAns. Q52. Q40) Water moving up a straw is an example of . Ans -: polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) – TEFLON

Mandible boneC. Q88. Ans: Genetics

[Your ----------ts]. Q28. Q98.

Q8) Which Acid is know as ‘Oil of Vitriol’? Alexander Fleming invented .


Xerophthalmia is a disease caused by lack of which vitamin? This is because of . A Bee Sting contains which Acid? Which is known as graveyard of RBC’s ? Ans -: Bauxite

Q23) Chemical name of Picric Acid is –

Ans -: Seven Q34.

Q15) Which compound/acid commonly known as Aspirin? 1000 general knowledge quiz questions and answers Sep 03, 2020 Posted By Patricia Cornwell Public Library TEXT ID 149a4811 Online PDF Ebook Epub Library lot of general trivia questions and answers can be found online this particular list is not just recent but has also been carefully selected for you to read understand and have

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