kremlin build wows

Hotel Yankee-20% to damage received when ramming the enemy.+50% to damage dealt when ramming the enemy. Starting with the bow, as usual, the main part is 32 mm thick like all the other tier X battleships but you have also a very nice icebreaker. Kremlin will be like Tirpitz and Musashi. The citadel touches the outer hull slightly above the waterline, and is protected by a 180mm strong belt. Upgrade Slot 4 provides two viable options. – Classic’s Workshop Half of the bow and a lot of the stern area is not protected by this and only has a 25mm plating, which will get overmatched by every battleship Stalingrad will face. Excuse me? Compounded with the rifles' 950 meters per second muzzle velocity, this meant the cruisers could hurdle shells up to 53,000m away every 18 seconds. With a stock detection radius of 18.1 km, this is not an easy ship to hide; extreme caution is advised when attempting to relocate. Slava is based on one of the later versions of the Project 24 of battleships from the Soviet Union. The whole HE spam meta has become rather silly at T10. Fire is represented visually by flames spewing from the deck or superstructure of a ship, as well as by flames along the … Upgrade Slot 3 allows for further specialization in a role. Ladies and Gentlemen, almost 1 year and 5 months ago, Wargaming revealed to us the Slava, initially named Pobeda. Weren't russian BBs suppose to have weak aa in the first place? +0.7 deg/sec to traverse speed of guns with a caliber above 139mm. Angling is essential to maximizing Stalingrad’s survivability; once an opponent has shots at her side she will fall apart just as quickly as any other cruiser.

So, it's actually another Buff for T8/10 CV's.... like they needed another buff. However once she has to maneuver problems will arise. After a first series of testing and a last devblog mentioning her on the 1st of August 2019, we thought that Wargaming completely abandoned her. To conclude on this ship, boy I am hyped for it. She had a very high speed for her size and her armament consisted of specially designed 305 mm guns, unrivaled in … – WOT Express Maybe they’ll buff it at some point, though. The inner two layers would be filled with oil while the outer layers filled with air, rated to withstand up to 500kg of TNT. The easy pray to farm big numbers on. Direction Center for Fighters+1 fighter to carrier fighter squadrons or catapult fighters. Also gives slight boost to overall torpedoes effectiveness. It’s not that the ship is bad, it’s just that she really doesn’t bring anything interesting compared to other battleships with her only remarkable feature being her unique horizontal and vertical dispersion parameters as well as her AP penetration. Side and plan views of the Stalingrad class. However, Stalingrad is more polarized and less flexible than her tech tree counterpart.

Commander Skills: PT, EM, SI, CE, FP, BoS and AR (can also be HA). With a turning circle of more than 1100 meters she has a larger turning circle than the German Tier X battleship Großer Kurfürst, which is already known for needing a lot of room to maneuver. Demolition Expert+2% chance of HE shells causing a fire on target.+1% chance of rockets causing a fire on target.+5% chance of HE bombs causing a fire on target. When it comes to the horizontal protection, outside of the 32 mm weather deck, she only has the 150 mm citadel main armor deck. AA doesn't matter anyway as a CV can hit you no matter what.

Papa Papa+300% Free XP earned for the battle. Ouroboros+777% Free XP earned for the battle. By The major part is the classic 32 mm plating. on Final review: Soviet Tier X Reward ship Slava, Supertest: U.S.

All work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Instead, this version of the design was meant to be equipped with 9 406 mm guns in 3 triple turrets with a modern loading mechanism to ensure a faster rate of fire than other 406 mm guns.

For the stern, the most part is covered with 25 mm of armor. The chance for shells to land closer to the center is higher than on other cruisers, but it remains possible for the shells to land further off the target than on any other cruiser. This project was, as the name suggests, an evolution of the previous project 23. It's a easy win. Let’s actually give more details about her dispersion, or at least the horizontal dispersion. The belt itself would have been slanted by 15 degrees to work against both plunging and horizontal fire; it ran 60% of the length of the entire ship. When it comes to consumables make sure you pay attention to the limited amount of DCP that you have, but it does have a lower cooldown time. With a torpedo protection system of 25%, she can handle incoming torpedoes better than most other cruisers. For the part of the citadel that is in spaced armor configuration (starting slightly below the waterline), it is 70 mm thick. However, these shells have great, railgun-like ballistics, combined with high penetration capacity which make the Slava a terribly effective ship to demolish enemy ships that would be giving broadside at any range. I think its because her AA mount HP is so low now that taking them out takes far less effort and time then previously. You might say “But wait, République has 590 mm turret face.” and you are right but it’s without counting the effective thickness and with that, Kremlin gets the medal. No it because we don’t like the French very much so we don’t want them having anything special. 3 - Knyaz Suvorov 4 - Gangut 5 - Pyotr Velikiy 6 - Izmail 7 - Sinop 8 - Vladivostok 9 - Sovetsky Soyuz 10 - Kremlin. I found 2 recommendation from Youtuber Mejash's video and Kestrel_Falcon's post in the international forum. Any other battleship (and also Siegfried) except Odin will be able to overmatch her bow so full bow camping isn’t really an option. (2008). That is one serious level of armor right here Ladies and Gentlemen. Kremlin works great with a "standard" tank build. Stalin's Super Battleships: «Sovetsky Soyuz», «Kronshtadt», «Stalingrad». Expert Loader-50% to reload time when shell type is switched. Adrenaline Rush -0.2% to reload times of all types of armament for each 1% of total health lost.+0.2% squadron speed for each 1% of total health lost. You can see the resemblance with the Moskva and Stalingrad, especially in the superstructures and in those superfiring secondaries over the main batteries… The Soviet Navy was really standardizing their designs. But with the advent of ships like Thunderer. I have build a few German and French BBs Bismarck, Alsace to name a few but have several with AFT, but not not the modules. Not to mention putting an end to a most uneconomic monetary policy on my part. The secondary battery design was also novel; twelve 130mm/58 rifles housed in 6 twin-gun BL-109A turrets. Therefore, the compromise agreed upon was the allow time for infrastructure to develop, optimistically by the early 1950s. The dual-purpose mounts could hurdle shells 32km every 15 seconds. With 72,450 hit point, she beats out Tier IX Premium Kronshtadt to claim the mantle of largest health pool of any cruiser in World of Warships. This means that overall, Slava is very hard to citadel through the bow as you would either need to penetrate the 100 mm extended belt or brute force through the bulkhead and somehow have enough penetration after that for the citadel athwartship.

It's now worth it to spam HE more at a Kremlin early and for CV's to attack them late game as by then, your AA is none existent. All rights reserved. For the rest of the armor, the sides are 254 mm thick, the back is 508 mm thick and the roof is 254 mm thick.

X-Ray Papa Unaone+15% action time of Smoke Generator. No giveaway this time, go regrind lines and sealclub happily if you want that ship! Fire in World of Warships is a damage-over-time effect that occurs due to damage taken from enemy high explosive shells or aircraft bomb hits. If there is a CV in play, if it decides to attack the Kremlin, and if enough AA mounts get taken out by HE spam beforehand, then sure - this nerf will have an effect. As I said though, it is a major IF. With a comfortable range of 20.4 km, Stalingrad can inflict damage to her opponents from far away. If you already got things like Ohio that is very strong with also good tanking power or the Siegfried that provides a unique gameplay for cruisers with her secondaries and pinpoint accurate 380 mm guns, you can go for Slava but frankly, I will personally take my sweet time to grind for her.

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