loud thunderstorm sounds

This is soo epic, I tell everyone about it.

Turn the Animate! Helps block out noise too.

ADHD student here. It feels like being in some sort of gently spooky old house while listening to a nice summer rainstorm outside.

Thank you. Not exaggerating, this may have changed how I do schoolwork for the better.

♥  ♥  ♥ This is honestly one of the best websites ever. It helps me to sleep. When I can't even listen to music, Distant Thunder is exactly what I need to help sooth my nerves so I can write. Remember, when the storm comes, seek shelter.

It's amazing to be able to listen to this, paired with Winter Walk, and let it take away my worries. ♥ 

I am an adult male with severe ADHD, I used to love listening to thunder as a kid when I stayed in South Africa, unfortunately where I stay in the UK now there is no thunder at all and this helps me to relax and focus.

♥  This generator sounds super cool when paired with the Gregorian Voices generator, especially with the bell, giving me a feeling of sheltered out of the storm and of peace.

Your work is valuable to me and I would like to thank you for putting this out to the world. ←. Normal office noise is bad for concentration; same uninspired crappy songs repeating in an infinite loop on speakers every single day is nauseating.

Love the customization available. Perfection, at first, I was using this with your rain slides, but by itself, this is still just amazing, it's so calming and helps me focus on my papers. These cookies do not store any personal information. The sounds of the thunder and rain are relaxing and help take the stress out of work for school.

♥  My brain finally stops going in every direction. The deep rumbles of thunder and the soft drizzle of rain make me feel so much at ease, I'm thankful for this sound! Click the blue heart for thunder only and no rain There's a lot happening in the world- just taking this time to breathe with the soft rumblings of the wind and rain is helping a bunch. I listened to it with headphones that night, and it really worked. ♥ I'm partially deaf/hoh, only affecting deeper sounds/things with more bass, and being able to customize this as far as I could let me experience the sound of a storm the way I did before my hearing started going downhill.

Absolutely brilliant! Imagine this: I have ADHD, type 1 bipolar disorder, and an open office.

It's really calming and it make concentration much easier. This is really great for me and my boyfriend, my boyfriend doesn't know if he has ADHD or not, But I sure do and it helps a lot. I have insomnia, and the only times I am able to sleep well is when it is raining heavily. Biochem here I come! Don't rush it. myNoise.net is the best place to be. ♥ 

It's pretty quiet, but still audible to drive my mom nuts through my paper-thin door! Rainy days are always the best. I was missing out on a good sleep and it was affecting me mentally as well as emotionally and at work. <3

Even if I dont, this site helps me to focus and stay calm.

The ability to adjust levels of sounds and settings within the sounds are amazing! I love it. Second, this is great for training dogs to not fear thunder. ♥  Combine it with something along the lines of Dark Storm by Mystic Naad and its just perfect.

I am so glad I found this website, I'm using it while writing uni essays. Helped me get work done by drowning out noise and other thoughts. I'm in love, I absolutely love thunder and this is perfect. Wouldnt want to encounter the abominations that dwell within. Thank you so much for this! ♥  ♥  Thank you myNoise, this is just what I needed. ♥ Helps me sleep at night. What a great website.


-Lirei Taichen.

With this noise I can go to sleep peacefully, knowing that if smtg goes wrong I just have to press 2 buttons to feel better. Thank you so so much! This is a great place to be in. ♥  ♥ This takes me back to the time I used to travel by train to my grandparents as a kid during the rainy season.

This is honestly one of the best websites ever. Rumble all the way up and everything else at 50% and oh my god is this the most motivating, exciting and calm sounds I've ever heard. Such a beautiful, soothing sound thank you so much! I just love mild thunderstorms and this is just perfect.

Thousands of videos featuring thunder and rain can now be found on YouTube. Reminds me of when I used to live in Thermopolis, WY and the summer storms that would come, often violent thunder right over your head, and coupled with insane amounts of rain. It creates a busy atmosphere without anything strangely distracting.

♥  I have quite bad astrophobia, so I usually avoid thunder soundtracks, but the clear description of what to expect in this was extremely helpful, and convinced me to give it a try.

With different work schedules and sleep schedules I became frustrated. Reminds me of when I used to live in Thermopolis, WY and the summer storms that would come, often violent thunder right over your head, and coupled with insane amounts of rain. For me, thunder and rain is so relaxing! Rainy days are always the best.

So so grateful that this just loads and plays - Thunder with rain easing my soul xx I'm now in college and the noise is super nice layered behind some music or a TV show for some extra comfort/outside noise reduction.

♥ I like using this to help me fall alseep and meditate, as well as I play it through my speaker when I'm in the shower so it's like I'm in the rain and that provides a nice, calm, and refreshing shower.

I always use this when my neighbours are making noises again :D This plus fire noise ambience is one of my favorite sounds ever. Every noise in this website is awesome but this is my favorite .This one is deep and peaceful.

♥  ♥  This site has helped me so much to concentrate while studying. I love the sound of rain as where I'm from it rains almost every Friday in the spring/summer and reminds me of the weekend. download mp3 noises & sound effects (sfx) for free

So. I love this mixed with examination time, it makes for rather productive background noise, almost like sitting a class room or library with a storm brewing outside. Such a beautiful, soothing sound thank you so much! Heck, it's the BEST calm sounds website out there! 11 Sep, 2019. Calmed me down and helped me concentrate. Thank you so much!!

Absolutely beautiful.

Soundsnap © 2008 - 2020, All rights reserved. ♥ Thanks! Soundsnap © 2008 - 2020, All rights reserved. Thank you!  Directory (A-Z), Many video creators use salamisound sounds in their videos:watch on YouTube

Lots of thunder sounds and rumbles and big cracks of thunder. I love the sound of rain, it helps me feel confortable and focus. I've fallen asleep to it, calmed my anxiety with it, and whenever a storm is far and away, used it to give me that memory all over again.

I always enjoyed listening to the rain especially being from Seattle.

Rain - gentle with thunder on a road with tram cars - NOS STEREO.

♥  I love the sound of rain, it helps me feel confortable and focus. ♥ 

The thunder that accompanies it isn't too harsh, nor is it too quiet. I often pair it with Take it Easy and put both on Animate, and all of my stress and worry completely vanishes. I have ADHD and this really helps me focus on whatever I might be doing at the time.

Helps calm my anxiety. I also have adhd.



This is so calming! Great feeling! Thunder in the city, rolling and crackling very slow and thought in the distance. ♥ 

Rain - thunderstorm rumbling - raindrops on a patio of a Spanish casa.


I'm now in college and the noise is super nice layered behind some music or a TV show for some extra comfort/outside noise reduction. Love the design on this one, hopefully it'll help me focus on my exams. ♥  Thank you! ♥  I wouldn't change anything and you can trust me when I tell you that I very rarely find something perfect. ♥  I love to hear the deep thrum of the rumble and thunder sliders while using headphones.

It's the unholy trinity of distraction, especially when a manic phase kicks in.

♥  Try combining both, you will be surprised.

It's like an inner massage and it helps me not get too stressed on whatever I'm doing. This has helped me fall asleep and gain some concentration to do things. This takes me back to the time I used to travel by train to my grandparents as a kid during the rainy season.

♥  It helps when we're trying to calm down or just trying to focus on something. I listen to it at work, when I'm trying to concentrate and drown people out.

I wanted to get rid of this and decided to expose myself to storm.

This generator is a savior for me right now taking online courses from home, in a house with multiple people also working from home.

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