naruto kicks truthseeker orb episode

Naruto had 9 from the start.

He can also transform just one piece of his body, like his arm. It's animal is the Kraken. Set after Tsunade's return, but before Sasuke's betrayal. Gotta See! Unlike the standard Truth-Seeking Ball, which a user starts with a set amount of spheres that cannot be regenerated if lost or destroyed, this technique does not have such limitations and can be generated from nothing. It also grants her super strength, like Tsunade except it's pure physical strength. She wore blue baggy jeans as well. OC Harem, Naru Harem.

If you do you shall be eternally weak. The wielder finally gains super healing abilities, much like Naruto with the Kyuubi.

He had only two scrolls, the history and jutsus.

Alas, it was not to be. Each one was infused with a different elemental chakra. The blue orb that Kaitlyn wields balances out the illusion-based Pearl Orb with powerful offense.

For example, stopping time.

So don't DARE try that again!"

Authors Notes: I know, the OC's are overpowered, I know that, and I am aware of it.

Did that man really have power over time? He vanished and in the same instant reappeared behind Sasuke, using his manipulation over time to stop time. Kaitlyn, you possess the Byakugan. I hope this will be more humorous than my others stories, which wouldn't be hard but still…. I'll likely give some to Naruto and his gang, most likely.

That was a gift in and of itself. However, with their discovery of chakra, the power of all the orbs are boosted immensely. Neither Madara and Obito were seen reproducing theirs, only Kaguya and Toneri (who was uusing hax) were shown spamming them. He didn't even know that he just gained the Rinnegan, one of the three great doujutsu's, and probably the strongest of the three. Now let's start over!" I want to see what the Rinnegan does anyway. Sorry, that sounds so obvious but I have no idea who that is. This will be interesting.". Naruto and Sakura were about to reject the idea, but Sasuke interrupted them.

It allows the user three powers, like quite a few other orbs. "Alright, first match Itonami Aizou vs Uchiha Sasuke. The Expansive Truth-Seeking Ball is a Kekkei Mōra ninjutsu used by Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. That didn't stop him from fainting anyway however. ""Heh, good job anyway. The mist specializes in water jutsu." I can tell Kaitlyn and Cheyenne their's, but I don't know much about yours Aizou.

It allows her to manipulate water and ice, and the gods are the only beings that can rival her control over the said elements with this orb or the other orbs that give control over something. Each orb has an armor based off of the animal, but I won't describe the armor except in the story itself. Naruto couldn't keep up. Zabuza growled but then smirked as he vanished in a swirl of mist.

All three turned toward the other group, and seemingly studied them.

If she combines it with Tsunade's strength then the results, well I don't think any pervert would like to test it out. Zabuza was suddenly at a loss. "heh, though I used my armor I didn't actually have to use my powers except for after that Kaiten." It was then that Kakashi got an idea. With a simple swipe of the finger Sakura was sent flying into a tree. DB4... ? All one had to do was see where they were at, and what they were doing. "I'm outvoted!" That theory turned out to be wrong the next morning, when everyone in the house was awoken by three simultaneous cries of .. " NANI!? FUTURE NARUTO FIC. "Listen here emo-teme, the next time you try to attack a fellow ally during a spar after you admit defeat, I will personally castrate you. That thought brought a bit of embarrassment. In essence the wielder would control the very fabric of reality, and such a power would create far more problems than anything. "Say hello to my little friend, the blaster!"

A horribly wonderful idea, an idea that would show him some of the powers of the three newcomers, yes that was definitely a good idea.. " Alright team, listen up. The prism orb is affiliated with a dragon, a dragon capable of flight. Thank you Kakashi-san." Sasuke sighed. The three share a look, hurriedly finish brushing their teeth, and walk out the door to the forest. "Aizou, the loser is about to try to fry you." Aizou suggested, amused. Kakashi Chronicles ~ Boys' Life on the Battlefield ~ Part 1, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3, Naruto Shippūden: Dragon Blade Chronicles, "It would be nice…Let's go."

They are going to be playing major roles in the story. It controls you, manipulates you, weakens you. Edit: looking back at the video of the anime when he heals Guy, it does make it seem like it's the seal that is doing the healing. With that he vanished but not before tossing back his kunai and walking calmly over to his friends. The way things are going, unless you stop holding back you will lose.". Even inanimate objects are effected by being in close proximity with the orb. So is being able to use all chakra natures not part of SPSM or what?

The armor went up to his neck, where it extended to over his eyes, forming a visor.

His destiny has changed. Aizou himself possesses the orb itself and it protects Aizou from this side effect, by doing a sort of healing. It is for this reason that she is the torture specialist of the group. The Hyuuga's have developed a style to prevent an opponent from using jutsu's with their Byakugan. This speed doesn't rival the speed that one gains by stopping time but that's obvious. The Prism Life Orb, an orb that gave it's possessor control over time. The seal is shown in a closeup of Naruto's hand, and there is a white circle radiating outward from the hand. It was like a mini tornado. Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Bleach though I do own this story. She too looked like a civilian and her pupil too changed colors. Everyone else collectively sweat dropped. It is composed of all five elemental nature transformations as well as Yin–Yang Release.[2]. Really the only reason they're OC's is because we're too young to actually publish the show that I am using them from. "Damn."

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Why? That would be so funny….

The truth seeking orbs are only slightly more ambiguous since we haven't seen them since the war unlike SPSM, but since we clearly see Naruto choose to manifest his Truth-Seeking orbs in the war after he's already in SPSM, then hide them while he returns to normal, then summon then again this time simultaneously with SPSM, it's pretty clear he can choose to use them at will. Kakashi was the one who spoke. Authors Notes: Here we go with another story… First I feel I must explain why I am not updating my other stories, instead of making another new one. The unexpected statement had led Kakashi to think that they were talking about something completely different than what they were, and as such led Kakashi to giggle perversely for a moment before the fear came back. Because of that I was able to use the Kaiten." Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Naruto choose to manifest his Truth-Seeking orbs in the war after he's already in SPSM, then summon then again this time simultaneously with SPSM. "Final match, Hyuuga Kaitlyn vs Haruno Sakura!". He thanked whatever heavens there were that he seemed to be a sensible and playful person.

", Kakashi eyesmiled. The clone then turned into water, while Zabuza growled. ""No Kakashi-sensei!

", "Hate to burst your bubble Kakashi, but most of Rinnegans usefulness comes from when you kill someone, or use dead bodies. Unlike the standard Truth-Seeking Ball, which a user starts with a set amount of spheres that cannot be regenerated if lost or destroyed, this technique does not have such limitations and can be generated from nothing. Zabuza growled and created another couple of water clones…only to have them burst into water a short time after they formed. They stood there, practicing walking up trees to improve their chakra control.

The second supplementary effect, is the wielder becoming super smart, to the point where, if Naruto were to obtain it, he would be much much smarter than even Shikamaru. If that man truly had power over time…then maybe those three were far more of a threat than Zabuza could ever hope being.

The woman in the middle was also the woman to kick Zabuza's ass with little effort, which meant that she was POWERFUL, to say the least.

He was fifteen, the required age to graduate from the academy was pushed up two years, "I agree with the dobe!". He knew that the only reason she won so easily was because Zabuza was a water expert, and she seemed to control water.

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