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type." When Harry Saltzman bought the movie rights to the Bond novels from Fleming, and went into partnership with Albert R. Broccoli, McClory initiated legal action, resulting in Dr. No (1962) rather than Thunderball becoming the first Bond movie. This echoes a story told by Dame Shirley Bassey who, when recording the Goldfinger (1964) theme, could only hold the final note after removing her constricting bustier. For this movie, he also liaised with the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Air Force aqua-para teams to organize their participation in the movie. Several sharks killed, harpooned, clubbed to death, etc. divers are the Voit Polaris, which is the Voit version of the U.S. The DB5 has appeared with three different licence plates; BMT 216A (Goldfinger (1964), this movie, Skyfall (2012), Spectre (2015)), BMT 214A (GoldenEye (1995), Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), The World Is Not Enough (1999)), and 56526 (Casino Royale (2006)), which was the unique DB5 for being the only left hand drive DB5 Bond drives. The title song was sung by Sir Tom Jones.

The production staff screened The Silent Enemy (1958) several times to glean tips on underwater warfare for this movie. Dr. Macdonald says, “I’m not sure the number of sharks harvested for a vaccine is the central issue. The others being, The conga drummer at the Kiss Kiss Club is, A special 25th anniversary screening of this movie was held at the National Film Theatre in London in 1990, and was attended by director, It took almost thirty years for the expanded soundtrack for this movie to be released. It included footage of the filming at Silverstone Racetrack, Northamptonshire, and of the fight aboard the Disco Volante at Pinewood Studios. But the surname was changed to suit the Italian nationality of Luciana Paluzzi, who was cast after being rejected for the role of Domino. However, in this case, his right to do so was not so clear. Wires are visible on Vulcan when it lands on the water. No rebreather is obviously evident anywhere in this movie, only conventional S.C.U.B.A. Producer Albert R. Broccoli vetoed this, because he felt it was too suggestive. Although the line he was to have said was: "Sorry, you'll have to order something else. The budget for this movie was more than the combined budgets of the first three Bond movies. The literal translations of some of the movie's foreign language titles include Fireball (Germany and Finland); Operation Thundersky (Norway); Calm Down, Mr Bond (Netherlands); The Thunderball (Sweden); Atomic Ball (Portugal); 007 Against the Atomic Blackmail (Brasil), Agent 007 Into The fire (Denmark); The Ball of Thunder (Israel) ; 007 Averts SPECTRE/007 Averted The Spectre (China) ; Thunderball Fighting (Japan); Operation Thunder (Belgium and France); and Operation Thunderball (Italy, Japan, Spain, and Poland). "M.O.S." Alternately, by removing sharks from the ocean, he is reducing the number of sharks that can be killed, therefore more directly helping to protect shark populations. Most of the underwater scenes had to be done at lower tides, due to the sharks in the Bahamian Sea. While there really is an area known as the "Golden Grotto" in the Bahamas (now rechristened the "Thunderball Reef"), the Golden Grotto sharks that Largo keeps in his swimming pool, and describes as "the most dangerous, the most savage" shark species of them all, are entirely fictional. According to "Bond Gadget Designer" Ken Adam, the jetpack that Bond uses to escape his enemies was no special effect, but a real jetpack provided by the U.S. Air Force. Bond's underwater camera is a Nikonos Calypso I. The first scene shot, at a depth of fifty feet, was the scene where S.P.E.C.T.R.E. On June 26, 2013, Christie's auction house sold the Breitling SA Top Time watch worn in the film by Sir Sean Connery for over £100,000. The scene would have ended in the same way as this movie, with Bond jumping free of the shark pool. Q mentions a "rebreather" when issuing Bond a miniature breathing apparatus. These would become a tradition for the franchise until Licence to Kill (1989). So when Bond producers and Eon Productions co-owners Harry Saltzman and Albert Broccoli went to adapt it into a film, there were continued legal wranglings. Stone also appeared in The Shining (1980) with Barry Nelson, who played an Americanised Bond in the first Climax!

James Bond's "Geiger counter" watch is a modified Breitling Top Time Ref. The S.C.U.B.A. The most difficult sequences to film were the underwater action scenes.

[65], Felix Leiter has made several appearances in multiple comic strips as well as comic books as a supporting character aiding Bond on joint assignments, some of them being adaptations of the novels and the films, while others maintaining original storylines. Leiter and Bond work together to capture drug lord Franz Sanchez on the way to Leiter's wedding, at which Bond serves as Best Man. On the U.K. charts, it entered on January 13, 1966, where it peaked at number thirty-five. The character of Ernst Stavro Blofeld has appeared in the following major and/or official James Bond movies and video games (in order): Originally, Bond and Pinder were to have descended on "Palmyra" for the night sortie. TERENCE YOUNG WAS NOT THE ORIGINAL DIRECTOR. If you look at the conference room there are nine 00 Agent chairs. James Bond is sent to stop a diabolically brilliant heroin magnate armed with a complex organisation and a reliable psychic tarot card reader. Sixty divers participated in the climactic underwater battle. According to the book "Martinis, Girls and Guns: 50 Years of 007" (2003) by Martin Sterling and Gary Morecambe: "Cuneo may have also have inspired Blofeld's forenames. This version can be heard on audio commentary track two on the DVD during the opening titles and on the James Bond 30th Anniversary double CD. Originally, Bond and Pinder were to have descended on "Palmyra" for the night sortie. The Lincoln Continental limousine seen during the pre-credits teaser is a Lehmann-Peterson conversion. No rebreather is obviously evident anywhere in this movie, only conventional S.C.U.B.A. However, due to fatigue at the time, he felt he could not add anything more, and turned it down. Felix Leiter, James Bond's CIA ally and friend, played a part in six of the Fleming novels; he is introduced in Casino Royale as being thin, tall, about thirty-five years old[1] and a former U.S. Marine who was working with the Joint Intelligence Staff of NATO. She had to drop out in order to appear in Fantastic Voyage (1966). Also, in the parade behind the dog, a group who arrived for filming as part of the parade dressed up wearing "007" on their hats. They were to have gone to a boathouse, to see what had made two tracks in the sand. Thunderball (1965) remains the most successful movie of the James Bond franchise to date.

Lee had kept the car at his Pennsylvania house for over forty years. A cover version of the title song sung by Martin Fry can be heard on the David Arnold Bond song compilation album "Shaken and Stirred: the David Arnold James Bond Project". 007 Bond Binge: Thunderball: Sharks, Femme Fatales, and Lawsuits?

Director Terence Young said in an interview that scenes used in this movie where Bond reacts in fright at the approach of a shark were miscues, in which Connery was reacting with genuine terror as a shark approached unobstructed by plastic shielding. Claudine Auger's heavily accented English was deemed too "French-thick" by the filmmakers after shooting initial scenes of her. Later, as he attempts to escape the complex, 007 confronts Jaws in the shark tank chamber and uses an electromagnet to dump the hulking assassin into the water below. Given to Bond by Q, it was also a Geiger counter in the movie.

Having been rescued from the underwater cave, Bond joins Leiter on a hovercraft and they team up with the aquaparas for the final battle as S.P.E.C.T.R.E. It was the first of main title designer. While investigating a gold magnate's smuggling, James Bond uncovers a plot to contaminate the Fort Knox gold reserve. During the recording of the title song "Thunderball", Sir Tom Jones asked the song's writer what the "strikes like thunderball" line meant. Up until this movie, Simmons had appeared as James Bond in the gun-barrel sequence in the first three movies in the franchise.

It was delayed until December, because it could not be completed in time.

The sharks in Largo's pool were rented at the cost of $500 a day and had to be shipped in daily for filming from an off-shore vessel.

It cost $500,000 to acquire from Puerto Rico and transfer to Miami for refitting and refurbishment. organization. McClory's rights to the film were held separate to those of Eon Productions, although he had been one of the producers for the original Thunderball adaptation. It was the only one produced for the movie and the only Breitling watch ever used in a James Bond movie. No. Such was the popularity of this movie that one theater manager was threatened with divorce because he was unable to leave the theater for several days at a time. : Casino Royale (1954). it was filmed during an 18 week schedule including 8 weeks location in the Bahamas. He briefly makes an appearance in Permission to Die (1989), later returning in A Silent Armageddon (1992), playing a rather large role in The Quasimodo Gambit (1995), a brief comeback in Eidolon (2016), and at the latest, in Black Box (2017).

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