world war z game virus sample

After eating zombie meat, they turned and killed each-other. 1611 AD - A Portuguese merchant discovered the existence of a secret samurai order which kill zombies in Japan. Slumped against the rail should be the corpse of a soldier and a Virus Sample. Given how cramped the area near the lift can be, fighting in close-quarters is likely, so not carrying the sample until it is almost time to go would be the best course of action. 850 AD - There is a large zombie outbreak in Saxony, which the peasants survive by hiding in castles. Once you reach the end, turn to your left and a lone Virus Sample should be found.

1979 - A town in Alabama is attacked by a horde of zombies leading to the town defending itself with guns and barricades, the episode is dismissed as it is assumed to be a case of mass hysteria stemming from water poisoning. Tip: This applies to all the samples that can be found in this chapter, but since this sample, in particular, lies the closest to the exit area, it is best to collect it just before your team leaves with Svetlana and her team. World War Z Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. 1992 AD - Zombie attacks a camping couple in rural California, it is dismissed as a murder-suicide.

However, even this exception is rare, with most dogs failing the selection screening for scout training. It is transferred by fluid contact from an infected body, usually through biting or scratches, but it has also been known to occur from kissing, sexual activity, blood transfers and organ donations. 1523 AD - Spanish priests and explorers in Oaxaca are warned by natives not to find the zombies. (Take, for example, The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. Continue walking past the tank parked in the middle and head towards a red car just ahead of it. Within 8 hours, dementia has become severe, the fever becomes stronger and they lose muscle coordination. It is highly infectious, incurable, and gives its transformed victims mysterious properties. It takes just three seconds to clean off and if players do not disinfect on time, they will die immediately and succumb to zombification.

1807 AD - There is a zombie outbreak in a mental institution in France, the government states it was a case of mass insanity. Keep moving until you spot a soldier's corpse and a Virus Sample should be hidden beside it and a container. The same will also occur if you died while carrying a Virus Sample but was not infected by it. Location 1: Get over the wall and head to the left side of the street. The name Solanum has a number of real-world references. Within the first hour, there is immediate pain, discoloration and blood clotting around the infected area. Near the end, climb over a platform with some wooden crates.

Location 3: After getting onto the bridge, head down towards the back of the bridge carefully.

There are two degrades to the Virus Sample where the sample's glass will appear cracked and begin fuming. However, it is not waterborne, it is not airborne, and perishes rather quickly in an open environment. Solanum is fatal to all living creatures, regardless of size, species, or ecosystem.

apart from hurting you? This is a reference to the. A soldier's corpse should be slumped against the back doors and a Virus Sample should be next to it. In all chapters, a maximum of three samples can be collected. It’s not necessary but I would gladly appreciate it!

1968 AD - A Laotian village is discovered to be infested with zombies by US Soldiers, who destroy it with a napalm strike. Location 2: While looking for the first key to clear the gas on the floor below, head towards a room left of the control panel. Location 2: Head down the tunnel until you get to the end and turn to your right to go the other tunnel. 1901 AD - The US Navy finds a Taiwanese village infested with zombies, they were discharged from the Navy after reporting the story. By removing the need for oxygen, the undead brain can utilize but is in no way dependent upon the complex support mechanism of the human body. Infected animals expire before the virus can replicate throughout their bodies. On the way, you should see an overturned truck with several type-2 traffic barricades beside it. 1882 AD - An abandoned mine is found filled with dead, starved children after they tried to survive a zombie outbreak. 1253 AD - A viking colony in Greenland is overrun by zombies. The energy source of the zombie remains a baffling mystery to science, as a zombie will continue moving indefinitely without food, water, or rest. Solanum is a common zombie virus in The Zombie Survival Guide. Within five hours, the victim feels joint pain, a strong fever, chills and has slight dementia. They are arrested after they escape. Similarly to an Infector's toxic saliva, the player will only have 12 seconds to clean off the sample leak off of themselves.

Location 3: After making your way out of the court area, head directly left to the end of the street. 1996 AD - The Indian Army detects a zombie crossing the border with Pakistan, it is presumed to be a Pakistani soldier and shot by snipers when it is presumed to be an attack. 1954 AD - A french businessmen claims to have seen zombie cage fights in the slums of Vietnam. The best thing a victim can do is commit suicide in a way that destroys their brain. A container should be beside it with a Virus Sample in it. 1980 AD - A string of zombie attacks occurs in Brazilian villages, the government dismisses it as an anti-government uprising.

As its name would suggest, the contents of Virus Sample canisters are fairly dangerous, to say the least.

To this day, the source of the virus, whether it be natural or extra-terrestrial, remains unknown.

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